2015 - New Year's Resolutions & Goals!

I just posted my fitness goals for the year, but I also have a list of other resolution/goals for the year!

On a random note, I actually wrote most of these down while we were stuck in a snow storm over Christmas break, and I was sitting in the backseat trying not to pay attention to my surroundings.  The rest came to me at 3am while feeding the little mister.  That's a time of inspiration I guess!

  • Adopt a daily cleaning schedule/list - like this one or this one or this one, etc.  For instance, do at least one load of laundry everyday, make the bed daily, 10 minute pick up every day, dishes/kitchen daily, and an additional daily chore (bathrooms, mopping, etc.).  Then Saturday can have more family fun time than cleaning time.
  • Read 10 books - Hopefully not all non-fiction like I primarily read (trying to branch out).  Maybe Mistborn #2, The Book Thief, Unbroken, The Devil in the White City, The Graveyard Book, Bloodsworth... any recommendations?

  • Pump/nurse for 6 months (March 13th) -  B is now exclusively bottle fed so I'm pumping around the clock and it's a lot of work.  My goal has always been 6 months and at that time I plan to stop and start using the freezer stash that I've been working so hard on growing.  My goal was to have 1000 ounces, but over the Christmas break of insanity, my supply tanked and I'm now trying to bring it back up.  :/  I have about 650 stored.
  • Finish the nursery - We had planned to hammer out the rest of the nursery the day B decided to arrive.  It since has not happened!  Poor nursery needs some lovin'!  I do not recommend waiting until the weekend before the baby date to finish baby stuff.  lol
  • Whiten my teeth (post nursing) - Yup
  • Decorate my work space - I have an awesome plan desk thanks to Ben, and I spend a ton of time there, so it's time to make it all pretty.  Poppin is an awesome website to help snazz up an office space.  It has inexpensive, colorful, and fun office accessories.  And also Zazzle and Papersource.
It's more cluttered these days.  But this was when it was so fresh.

  • Grow out my hair - Perhaps with some ass-istance.  Pregnancy made me want to change it.  Anybody else like that?  Probably not as long as it used to be though.  This picture is from spring 2009.  Ben and I had just started dating, in fact.  And now my hair is going GRAY.  Thank you pregnancy!

  • Do something with the front yard/front entry - There is some broken slate that just looks TERRIBLE.  Needs a face lift pronto.  And maybe a door wreath.  Something.  Anything to make me less embarrassed when people come to the door.  An interior decorator (or exterior, I guess) I am not.
  • Get back into blogging mode/redesign blog -  I used to blog freely whenever I wanted and about whatever I wanted.  I've become a more conservative blogger and just busier by nature, but our blogbooks we cherish and I love the hobby, the blogosphere, and I want to keep it up.  Other social media platforms have pushed blogging to the backseat, but blogging literally tells a life story!  I'd hope to post twice a week (or more the merrier!) which is close to what I've been doing.

  • Get back to Nikon pictures -  They are just so much better and more interesting than cell phone images.
  • Write /orchestrate two new pieces - I write and orchestrate music and my time has been sparse on the piano lately, so I want to make it a priority and maybe enter some contests or do something with it.  You can listen to some of my music on my reverbnation page here:  http://www.reverbnation.com/bisto84  Maybe even a collaboration with my brother?  It's such a fun hobby.  I don't want to neglect it!
  • Be more positive/kind/optimistic/forgiving around the clock - Being tired can squash patience.  It's time to adjust the attitude because adjusting the tired-ness probably won't be happening anytime soon!  Life is too good to be a giant grump.


  1. I pump twice in the evening to make enough for one feeding. I hate it! Once Zoe is 1 year, I burn that thing :) great goals! You will have a fantastic year!

  2. I love these resolutions. They are reasonable. I know what you mean about the hair. I have some gray hair and I can't stand it. It really makes me self conscious. I told my husband I need to redye my hair.