3 (+3) Things Thursday

We're three weeks into the new year and I've been trying really hard to turn my goals into lifestyle changes!  Doesn't it take three weeks to form a habit?  One of my miscellaneous goals for the year was to decorate my office space, so I drew it up in AutoCAD to see how it would, or could, all come together.

I want to do some sort of photo/inspiration wall, although I'm still deciding on what goes in the frames...

Photos and inspiration of course.  (Probably found on Pinterest.)
I still have the wall return to figure out.  I'm not an interior designer and my brain works in symmetry.  I'm trying to break out of my symmetrical shell.  :P  

To be continued.


My mom and I (or us) have been Hanging Out lately.  Hanging Out is Google's version of Skype.  Google+ really is awesome!  I wish it would take off and become mainstream in place of Facebook.  I'm serious!  My pictures all auto-backup and then Google makes these GIFS.
If you ever want a GIF created then take a bunch of burst shots and a few minutes later your phone is basically like, "here's a new GIF for you without you having to do anything at all."  

Or it adds snow falling to the picture, or Halloween make up to your baby's face.  It's fancy.


Since having little man, I have found I'm content with staying home way too much, and I don't get cabin fever like I used to when I just worked from home, child-less.  My days feel so complete between being a mommy, home maker, and working each day, that by the end of the day I want to run on my treadmill, relax, and call it a day with my family!  

My former extroverted ways are WAY GONE, but being exhausted (and full time pumping) makes leaving the house seem like way too much work right now!

I'll credit this behavior to keeping B3 from getting sick yet, but the weekends we have been venturing out, and I do go to CrossFit (although my Plantar Fasciitis has become really bad that I've had to momentarily tone everything back).  

In two months we are signing up for baby swimming lessons.  :]  I'm pretty excited to meet some new mommy friends and for B to find a baby friend or two, himself.


My little brother comes home from his two-year, LDS mission in less than two weeks, and we get to go pick him up.  


Ben and I did see him in May (the beauty of living hours away from his mission), but this time he is coming home for good.

I can't wait for him to meet his first nephew!  (Had to sneak a pic of B in.)


I just came across this picture!  This is my little brother, James (Jimmy), and me.  1987. I know, you can't tell it's me at alllll.

I don't still have that Sunshine Generation dress (not that it would fit), but here is 27 years later with my own little chubby nugget of joy.


The beauty of never knowing what you want for Christmas is you come out of it with a lot of freaking cute shoes!  Seriously they make me happy.  :P  

So yes, I do still have an addiction to cute shoes.  Do not think my shoe silence on the blogosphere means I do not.

Believe it or not, it is a welcomed trait in mister Ben's eyes (he bought the top corners!).  So the addiction stays.

That's all for now.

Happy TGIaF!  Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend.


  1. I really need to decorate and organize my office -- it is a hot mess right now! Your little man is way too cute :D I cannot believe how big he is now! That is so awesome that your little brother will be coming home!! I hope you have an amazing weekend!