Flash Back Friday: 6 Years

Of my blog, the post that has the most views by FAR is one that I wrote on 2/23/2009!  Ben and I started Facebook chatting in January 2009, and in February I flew down to meet him by my lonely self.  I wrote this post about that weekend and probably because it mentions VEGAS, and people search that a lot, it has twice as many views as the next most viewed post.  

So as part of a reminiscent time that this time of year is for us, six years, one wedding, four moves, one baby later, here is that post! 


Vegas was so awesome!! I give all the credit to the wonderful Ben for making my vacation one of a kind. The way everything has worked out for the past few weeks has been bizarre, yet awesome. It still makes me sit and think...how the crap...?

But first I must warn you never to take a connecting flight to Vegas even if it saves you $100+ bucks. Also, do not fly United. Ever. I could post an entire post about my flights alone. I got to Vegas hours late and we were late for our dinner reservations, and then coming home was a nightmare when my first flight was delayed causing me to miss my connection! I got stuck in San Francisco!! It took me 13 hours total to get home? Ridiculous!! I would have rather got stuck in Vegas. Not to mention both ways my luggage didn't make it. A direct flight is 55 minutes. That'll be the plan next time.

Not to mention I have gotten so much crap for being so cheap and booking connections to Vegas, but hey... I would rather go shopping with that 100+ bucks. Ha! I'll never live this down!! :) Never!! Haha.

But moving onto the important stuff. Vegas!!

Friday night Ben had dinner reservations at Social House...

A sushi bar right next to Treasure Island, or "TI." Though we were rushed getting there (thanks United), it was fun to put on a dress and get dolled up (in about five/ten minutes) and go out to eat together.

After dinner guess where he took me!?

To see O at the Bellagio!!! It was an awesome show and I can't believe some of the things they did. It's impossible to put into words. Those people are talented!! And we had front and center seats. He spoiled me so much. Thanks Ben!

After we saw O, we headed to dance at the Moon up top of the Palms where Ben had put us on the list (wow how things are so different than in Utah). The ceiling opens up and you get to dance under the sky. Plus you get to look off the top of the building on the deck and it's really neat. A perfect night!!

We ended the night by going to get tacos at I think it was called "Three Amigos." I finally checked in to my hotel at about 4:30a.m. :) What a night!!

Saturday we spent most of the day on the strip since I haven't been to Vegas in years. I made Ben take me to the M&M store hehe. We got pink, purple, silver, and black M&Ms. Love it.

We headed up to the top of the Statosphere to ride the freaky rides like this one that hangs off the side and spins...

And this one on the very top that's similar to the Re-Entry/Blast-Off (The Rocket) from good ole Lagoon...

The rides took longer than anticipated so we pushed our dinner reservations back an hour. We went and got ready really quickly and then we were still late. :) I can't remember the name but it was really good sushi!!! I wish I could remember the name... dangit.

After dinner we had tickets to see Mystere at TI!!!

And after that we went to Tryst, at the Wynn, to dance!! It had a huge waterfall and outdoorsy area...

(It's just a Redbull folks. Haha)

After all was said and done, we talked until close to six in the morning. When the alarm went off at 8:20am, I was so not wanting to wake up! Let alone go home!! :( Little did I know what United Airlines had waiting for me that day ha.

I was only there for 36 hours (and didn't take enough pictures!) but Ben had arranged to have so many things in that amount of time. I feel so incredibly spoiled, and very appreciative, for everything! We had actually never met before (it's a story if ya ever heard one haha) but things went great! Funny enough, his roommate is Greg/Lori Sanders' nephew (my neighbors/awesome people). Small world.

Anyways, he's coming up this weekend! And next weekend I'm, uh, headed back to Vegas? Thank you Ben!!


We have made some wonderful memories these past six years.  Thank goodness I at least took some pictures and documented many of them.

Have a nice weekend!  It's the Superbowl and the Phoenix Open, and it's literally a torrential downpour out there.  What are the chances!?


  1. What a great love story and I love how it all worked out for you two! I wish you many more happy years together!

  2. You guys look SO young in those pictures~!