Ho Ho Ho

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We brought the new year in, in our car, in a blizzard between Vegas and Phoenix.  We spent a week up in Utah and our trip home took us an extra 5-1/2 hours because of said blizzard.  It was nuts!

We hunted Santa down on Christmas Eve Eve.  My brother, James, had vacation to use up so we wandered to the mall and braved the holiday parking lot madness.  I do love the holiday shopping crowds.

B isn't afraid of Santa yet.  He was more or less confused.  This Santa was a good one too.

This elf outfit is another item that James wore 27 years ago.  It's adorable and fits B perfectly!

I meant to take a picture of the front of the Santa Claus display too.  It was fancy.

So much excitement that B fell asleep slumped over while gnawing on my arm.  I wonder if we'll soon be teething!


  1. The outfit and Santa pictures are priceless!! So cute!! LOVE the ornament!!!

  2. Oh those pictures with Santa are priceless and I love that little elf costume. So so sweet.