Home for the Holidays

Christmas 2014!

Better late than never, right?  This is a semi-photo dump post.

My mom's tree was a little prettier than ours, I'll admit.  Christmas Eve looked a lot like the above.  

And also as fuzzily below...

Sorry baby boy!

We drove ten hours on Christmas Eve.  Rykar has had the center seat for 10 years of his life.

There was a blizzard on its way to northern Utah and we wanted to miss it, so we hit the road at 7:00am and no snow!  SUCCESS.  (My sister, not so lucky.)

Just can't wait to get on the road again.

I rode in back with the baby, dog, and pump-in-style.  B slept the ENTIRE WAY.  Then he zonked back out at bedtime.  Hoo-freakin-rah!!  First road trip for the win.

Wouldn't be a Christmas trip without a stop in good ole Kingman, Arizona.

Also St. George, Utah.

Grams was pretty excited to see our little Christmas elf.

I was up very first on Christmas and had to capture lil B's first Christmas morning.

He didn't have much interest this year.  =]

The snow arrived that morning and it really didn't stop much our entire trip.  A pretty winter wonderland.

One of my New Year's resolutions is to carry my Nikon around and use it so I have better quality pictures like I used to do.

The one (cell phone) family pic from Christmas day we have...


We didn't get to Skype Elder Hales this Christmas because he has a new mission president who only allowed phone calls.  It was a bummer because of the four times we have been able to talk with him the past two years, this was the one time I really wanted to Skype so he could meet his first nephew.  Thank goodness his two years are up next week!

So this is how we do.  Gather around the phone.

James is the dawgy whisperer.

We started Christmas in Pleasant Grove, had the afternoon in Layton, and ended up in Logan.  All on a slow commute of a blizzardy day.  Needless to say, I never had time to get ready.  What a Christmas crisis.

That was our Christmas!  Well a part of it at least.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas [a month ago]!


  1. Little B is a travel rock star! We drove 8 hrs to NYC on Thanksgiving and I was nervous! Zoe did awesome as well. I think once they are crawling or walking, that's when the driving gets tough.

  2. Kingman, Arizona. Worst place in America.

  3. Lol at the pumping in the back tidbit. I'm starting to do that, oh the glamour