Hot Air Balloon Festival

Earlier this month I saw ads for the hot air balloon festival in Phoenix. I decided we should totally go!! Invite my brother and make it a family affair!! We see a lot of hot air balloons around where we live, but this had TONS of them and something about hot air balloons is so fascinating.

Saturday, as we got closer to the festival grounds, we got a little concerned that we didn't see millions of hot air balloons in the sky! Hum.

Then we pulled up and not only did we not see millions, we didn't even see ONE.  lol

We all bought tickets on Groupon, so we had to at least go investigate, and we found out the balloons came out in the morning and then again at dusk. Soooooooo we went to Cane's Chicken, drove by the super bowl stadium, and eventually made our way back!

Re-entry to the park wasn't free so we just pulled off afar.

I'm rusty on the jumping poses.

The schedule said the balloons would illuminate the sky! Illuminate they did, and it was pretty cool! However, after an hour of waiting, we realized they weren't going to actually go up in the sky as they started to deflate. Hahaha

We basically dedicated our entire day to seeing the image above. But at least we got to hang out with my brother and friend, Maria!

Lit up balloons at night are kind of fun. Even on the ground. know...balloons in the sky would be even better.

Sorry James.  lol

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  1. Bummer that they didn't go up in the sky, but at least you were able to see them :) Glad you were able to spend time with your brother though!