Year 2014!

I do love doing this post every year even though it takes me forever!  It's fun to look back and remember everything I've already forgotten.  :P  It was a good, good year.

So 2014...

On January 10th we found out we were pregnant for the first time!  There was no public acknowledgement at this time, but it was a surreal and noteworthy time.

In Januarywe ran P.F. Chang's Rock 'n Roll together.  I had the lovely runner's knee (IT IS THE WORST)!

In JanuaryI chopped my hair!  It was super cute but kind of difficult to do.

In Februarymy grandpa Hales passed away and went on to reunite with grandma Hales.

In February, my sister and our friend came into town for the Gilbert, Arizona, LDS temple open house

 Also, the winter Olympics took place.  I'm obsessed with the Olympics.

In March, we announced our pregnancy which was super fun.

In March, my sister got engaged.

In April, we cut into a gender reveal cake with my family up in Utah!

In April, we flew up to SLC for the SLC Marathon and Half with my family, an annual thing we do.

In May, we hit the half way mark and started on the nursery!  I felt huge.  Haha!  Humorous one am I.

In May, my little missionary brother was transferred to a town we used to live in.  We got to Skype him!

We also celebrated my first Mother's Day.

In May, we drove out to visit my inlaws, and we got to surprise my missionary brother serving there.

In June, I did the Juneathon challenge and worked out or did something fitnessy every day, and then blogged/logged it.  It helped me stay motivated while pregnant since my doctor didn't want me to run anymore.

In Junewe celebrated Ben's first Father's Day.

In June, I flew up to Utah for baby showering.  It was such a highlight of our summer for me.

In July, we celebrated Rykar's 11th birthday!  He's my Italian Greyhound I've had since his birth.

We also sold the truck and bought a car.

And my brother moved to Arizona!!

In July, we flew up to Utah and had a bridal shower/baby shower for my sister and me.

The next day my sister was married!

In JulyBen turned 36 and the celebration included Bahama Bucks, the best place on the planet.

In August, Ben's work held a shower for us and gave us one the most valuable things ever...the SWING.  haha

In AugustI got big.

I also had a local shower which was really sweet.

In August, we found out baby was Frank BREECH.

In September, I got bigger and breech baby boy got his C Section eviction date set for 39 weeks.

I also hit the big 3-0.

In September, we had a crazy 100 year storm.

In September, we were surprised when my water broke at 2am a few days before the scheduled C section date, and we welcomed sweet B3!!

I'll never ever forget that day!!  The entire time I was thinking is this really happening??

By October, we had spent a whole month with our little guy.

Look how huge the binky was in comparison.  Crazy to us now.

In October, I was given the go ahead for running/fitness and tried out my push gift, my new treadmill!

Turbetrian the 2nd ;)

In October, B celebrated his first holiday, Halloween!

In November, Ben and I celebrated four years of marriage!

In November, B finally hit a big growth spurt.  Tubs.

And was freaking cute.  IS.

In November, he discovered his tongue.

In November, we ran our first post partum race with the family.

In November, my family came into town to visit.

In November, we hosted Thanksgiving at our house for the first time.

In December, lil man turned three months and got even cuter.  :)

In December, we went up to Utah to celebrate the holidays with family, and to bless baby boy.

It was an exciting year and full of a lot of family, which family is the best!!

I hope you had a fabulous 2014!


  1. What a fantastic year! So excited for 5015. Life with baby is so much more fun! I and totally agree, swing = lifesaver!

  2. That is a great post! I should take the time to do that too!

  3. You had a great year. I totally agree loving looking back at all of the wonderful things for the year... it just takes SO LONG!!

  4. Great year!! Here's to an awesome 2015.