Comin' Around the Mountain - Arizona Hiking

There are a lot of hikes around here, some just a mile from our house.  Over the past weekend we ventured up one of them that Ben likes to trail run.  This one was mild enough to bring the lil pup, but I did end up carrying him after about two miles.  :]  After all, he is almost 12!  Better safe than sorry!  Isn't that, like, pushing 70 human-wise??

We LOVE having my brother live near!  It's just awesome.

Some of the stats:
  • 3.3 miles round trip
  • Took us 1:30
  • 610 foot elevation gain
  • Good for trail running or even mountain biking (as you can see from the trail below)

After a lesson in cactI, the one below is pushing 200 years.  Makes me feel so young.

If you don't want to click over to the cactus lesson I mentioned above, I shall tell you.  It takes FIVE years for a cactus to grow TWO INCHES.  Twenty years to grow one foot!

Basically if I was a cactus, I'd be two feet.  Ben would be like four feet...  


Little boy slept most of the way on dad's back.  We flipped him to the front for some of the way down.

The weather has been pretty ideal.  Maybe upper 60s and overcast.  Cold, unless you're hauling a bebe.  Nice for hiking!  Or incline walking.  ;)

It was a little storm-ish so we didn't see any hot air balloons out.  I think that'd be awesome to see from the top.  Perhaps next time.

And some pictures from a beautiful, sunny day!  There is just something about blue sky you cannot beat in a picture.

I have also posted about some well-known hikes we've done here in Arizona:

Squaw Peak (or known now as Piestewa Peak)

That's all.  Have a fantastic Thursday!  My mom and youngest brother fly into town here shortly because this weekend is our race.

A family affair.  My absolute favorite.  :]



  1. When I saw the first picture I was wondering where baby B was and then I saw him on Ben's back. So cute! Beautiful hike!

  2. That sounds like a great hike! The weather looks gorgeous. We have been having some sunny days and I have been loving it :D That is crazy that it takes cacti so long to grow! I didn't know that.