First Stop: Angry Crab

I loved watching little B meet and get to know his uncle.  SO CUTE.

Well we love us some Angry Crab.  That is no secret.  We immediately brought the elder there for some post-mission lunching (it's in Mesa, Arizona).  It was probably not the best place to bring a missionary in a white shirt, but it was so good.  I think we ate seven pounds of seafood between us four.

The child slept the whole time.  That's great because my hands were a wreck.  What a little champion he is.

Apparently Wednesday afternoon isn't a hot time.

The Angry Crab tradition includes a stop to Bahama Bucks afterwards.  Bahama Bucks is amazing!  It is one of my top 10 things about Arizona, so you must go if you visit.

On a random note, Ben's missionary companion is the owner of this Bahama Bucks.  Very random since their mission was in Micronesia Guam.

My boss' daughter came home from her mission on the same day, so he and I both played hooky from working for a couple of days.  Dallin and I did some exploring so he can see what he's up against when he moves here (schooling, church, jobs, etc.).  Little B and I were his companions.  First stop was the new Phoenix, LDS temple.

We went to my favorite yogurt spot even though I didn't partake of any due to my new year resolution.  

I lived vicariously through Dallin while he ate loads of popping boba.

We did lunch with Ben and had to stop at the car dealer to see the new Porsche Macan.  Ben and I went to the reveal of it last summer.

We dropped Elder Hales at the airport to send him up to Utah.  They were really anxious to finally get to see him too, and I don't blame them.

Two years is such a long time and we're proud of Dal and his decision to serve the people of Tucson, Arizona.  

He's been accepted to ASU so we are excited for him to move back down here, hopefully to live with us for at least some time.  Family is truly the best and I am so happy to have my siblings in Arizona.  Now we need my sister and her husband to move here, and we're working on the parents (although they seem to be the toughest to convince).

Have a wonderful week.  The weather seems to be gorgeous almost anywhere you go these days, so hopefully it makes your Monday happy.

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