Five Months!

5 months old!  And he's looking so grown up these days.

He weighs 14 pounds, 12 ounces, and is 25-1/2".  I'm not sure where his height to weight ratio puts him as far as percentiles, but two weeks ago he measured 23% for weight, 57% for height, and 47% for head.  Probably somewhere around there still.  Tall, skinny, and super cute.

(Two weeks ago he also measured 25.5" long and we measured him way shorter at 4 months.  The whole measuring a baby thing though...)

Little man still wears size 1 diapers, 0-3, 3 month, and 3-6 month clothes.  We haven't had to pack anymore clothes away yet.

This month he found his feet and loves to pull his socks, slippers, etc. off.

He got more shots.  :(

Had some rice cereal for the first time.

And he liked it.

He still can't get enough of his hands and he soaks his clothes all day long.  We call him slobatron.

His hands aren't the only item he will put in his mouth.  Toys, my shirt, burp cloths, 

the bumbo.

He also has started to wiggle out of the Bumbo.

He's mastered the Jumperoo.  Or shall I say it has mastered him.

He also mastered selfies.

He doesn't loathe tummy time as much anymore.

He hasn't started napping in his crib (that's probably around the corner), but he will nap in his co-sleeper.  :)

He went on his first walk where he got to sit like a big boy and not in his car seat facing me.

And he fell asleep so I just wheeled him around the house with me.  lol

He now recognizes and reaches for a bottle while showing interest in holding it.

Doesn't like the pool when it's 64 degrees (we dipped A toe), but he loves the warm bath.  Hopefully he loves swimming lessons when we start this spring.

And at 5 months he was okayed for greens, so we gave him peas on Valentine's day!

We finally went back to sleep training after a month and a half of him sleeping in our bed (since Christmas) which was MY FAVORITE.  His pediatrician said now is when habits start forming so if we're going to take the plunge, it's time.  The first night was rough, but last night was pretty good and he set a record for crib time.  Woot woot.  :]

We love him!!!


  1. Awww that smile! He will break hearts! I love that our babies are born exactly 6 months apart. Love reading our monthly reviews :)

  2. Oh I can sleep with my baby until 5 months. SCORE! But seriously, he is such a doll and I bet you both just adore him.

  3. He still looks happy even though he got shots. And he sure does make a mess when he eats.