Great Wall Training Week 1

Last week was week 1 of 13 of our Great Wall training (even though I've been trying to build a small base up for a little while).  My focus is on increasing the long run over the next few months but keeping weekly mileage low.  We're not going for any world records in China.  ;)

Last week I had the above scheduled.  I missed the 2 miler because of stomach problems, but I got in 9 miles and had a great 6 miler on Saturday!  I was thrilled to look at my splits afterwards, but my Garmin ate them and I am annoyed.  Gah.  Pretty sure they were negative splits with a last mile in the high 8:00 range.  I haven't seen 8s in forever so that rocked my world.

While the water is still cold (62 degrees), I take a nice almost ice bath dip afterwards.  Hopefully it warms up so we can actually swim (and we'll soon be fencing it if anybody was wondering), but until then...

^^And don't listen to Lululemon's claims that their clothes won't stretch out and you can wear them after pregnancy.  lol

This week is the Phoenix 1/2 (and 10k) so I'm taking it easy.  Ben is still having problems with his legs/back even after the epidural (boo), so he'll probably take the week off [and still annihilate me on race day].  Right now my race goal is sub 1:00.

Have a wonderful Monday!  I came down with a sore throat last night so I'm a little concerned about my run today (again, bah), but it's all good.  I will survive and I pray little B3 doesn't catch it!!  A sick baby would be the saddest thing ever.


  1. Christy, thanks so much for your post. It may very well be tendinitis now and in some way, that makes me feel better.

    When I popped over to your website I saw there is a giant congratulations to be given. You have a baby! Sorry I haven't visited your blog sooner to wish you congrats and see your journey. Congrats!!!!

  2. Good job on getting your miles in! It's always good when you get sick first, your breast milk will give Bentley the antibodies he needs to fight it off :) Oh and I saw this, not sure if you read it. Is this the race you are doing?