Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Still going strong here.

It takes me awhile to gather and organize pictures from everybody's cameras, that I end up dumping them on the blog by time I DO have them organized.  Exhausting, seriously.  But fun.

Utah has had a mild winter with the exception of one week, really.  Christmas week!  The weather was pretty insane (even in Arizona <--- blizzard!).  It snowed (yahoo for a white Christmas), but it was soooo cold.

On one of our drives (to Logan), a police officer pulled in front of us and slowed us down to 15-20mph on the 75mph freeway!  For the next forty-five minutes/hour there were rollovers and slide offs every quarter mile or so, even a fatal accident.  On Christmas!  So freaking sad.  It was a sheet of black ice out there so the police decided it was time to slow the roads, I guess.  Thank goodness because I was stressed having the little one in the back.  It's nice to know there are people looking out for the community on holidays when they should be with their own families.

But anywho, we spent time with Ben's family and let everybody meet our little guy!!  It's so much fun bringing him around as first time, proud parents!  I'm trying to get more family pictures of all three of us together.  :]

My family plays games every Christmas break (Bingo, LCR, trivia, etc.).  It gets INTENSE.  We also have started building gingerbread houses.  Of course that is a competition too.

We all present and explain the story behind our gingerbread house and why it should win votes for titles.

I seriously have the cutest mom!

Here is a time lapse video of the building experience:

Mine was pretty much the crappiest this year.  Oh well.

Next year I'm going to draw it up in CAD first and win all of the awards.  The good awards.

Every Christmas my mom's extended family rents out Classic Fun Center and we have a family party.  It's kind of like a family reunion because sometimes it's the only time we see certain relatives!

There are door prizes.  LOL  K.  My grandma is so cute.  She gathers random gifts all year long to raffle off.  Ben, B, and I all won something.  We won kitchen shears, a utility knife, and a hammer.  Hahaha

Poor little man was just exhausted.

Over the holiday break we also made it over to the mall in Orem to exchange my boots (they ran small) and we got to see the new RC Willey that is being built.  I spent much OT on drawings last summer for it!  Last year we did the RC Willey in Draper which was a brand new building and a bit bigger than the one in Orem.

Every Christmas we also hit up Happy Sumo before heading back to Arizona.  Happy Sumo is our favorite sushi ever and my favorite roll on the planet is the Mango Mama.

First an emergency I-pooped-all-over-everything bath.

It was cold that day, and there were gusty winds.  I wonder if this is what it's like to live back east during the winter.  OMG.

And a couple of other miscellaneous pictures that I need to post because I adore my little family.  (The pup was asleep in his bed next to the couch, but he was there.)

I can see why people invest in an SUV when they have kids.  We have ONE child and our car was SO FULL that Ben literally put stuff in it, rolled the window up a little, added more, rolled it up more, etc.  I opened the front passenger door...

Sorry James (and mom).

The drive home was an adventure and we got stuck in the blizzard between Vegas and Phoenix.  Of all places, who would have thought of a blizzard in Kingman!  

It took an extra 5-1/2 hours and the freeway was shut down.  It was sooooo stressful, but lil B never whined.  He slept and was a happy boy.  So awesome.

But other than the driving, it was a wonderful Christmas and I miss it so much!

And that's a Christmas wrap.

I hope you have a fantastic Monday!


  1. My gingerbread house would look just like your mom's. I wouldn't be so good at it That R.C. willeys looks really nice. Looks like I need to go check it out.

  2. Your little B's head, too cute! Ain't no shame with Christmas in February.

  3. I can't believe you even dared drive to Logan on Christmas! I didn't even want to go to Farmington from Layton!