Our Baby Favorites

1.  Boon Bottle Warmer:
We have been exclusively bottle feeding since October and this warmer is awesome and fairly quick!  Boon is a really neat company with cool [looking] items.  We also have the squirt spoon for when we start solids.

2.  Lansinoh Storage Bags:
My lactation consultant recommended these bags and they work great and don't leak.  The best part is they lay flat for easy storage.

3.  Feed Me:
At the hospital you track your baby's feedings/diapers/etc.  This is an easy way to track it all at home:  nursing (R vs L), bottle amounts, diaper changes and types, sleep, meds, and anything else you want to track.  I tracked EVERYTHING at first.  haha  But it was really helpful for the first months when our little boy needed to be gaining weight.  It also was helpful when I exclusively pumped and tracked how much each day.
^^  Boo :(

4.  Summer Infant SwaddleMe:
These are awesome.  I wish we could have used them longer but our little guy started rolling over in his crib so I had to unswaddle his arms at two months.  I think the Miracle Blanket is similar, but if you want to swaddle your nugget without worrying about the blanket getting in his/her face, these are great!  And they are hard to break through.

5.  Wubbanubs:
I saw these on blogs and in our "Will I Ever Sleep Again?" course we took.  They are easy to keep track of, and now our little guy can grab it and put it in his mouth by himself.  He also loves to cuddle it and grasp it while he's falling asleep.

6.  Levana Movement Monitor:
As a new mom I do worry about my baby breathing during nap time or at night, especially after learning about the risk of SIDS, albeit low, in our birthing classes.  This monitor clips to the baby's diaper and every breath he takes, the monitor blinks (or beeps if you set it to that).  If there is no movement for 20 seconds, it alarms.  It really works and it doesn't give false alarms!  He still wears it every single night and it puts me at ease so I can also sleep too.  I can wake up at 3am and see a little blinking light and just go back to sleep.  :]

7.  Car Mirror:
My sister in-law bought us one of these and it's awesome.  I love being able to glance at my mirror and see baby boy.

8.  Infantino Sash Carrier:
There are so many wraps and cute carriers out there but it always bothered me that they cost so much (as if having a baby leaves you any spare change).  The Infantino Carrier is 1/2 the price, or more, and really works awesome.  Plus my husband will even sport it!  We've been planning to buy the more expensive ErgoBaby for when our little guy is a little bit bigger, so we wanted to save some money here.
^^This is how we grocery shop!

9.  Diaper Genie:
We heard mixed things on this and that it was more work/$$ than it was worth.  But we totally disagree!  When I asked Ben what was one thing we couldn't live without, he said the Diaper Genie!  Oh my gosh it keeps the nursery from stinking.  It really works!  At first we were changing it often, but after two months the diaper changing slows down and it is so worth it.


That's all that I could think of aside from the big things like a swing, bouncer, Bumbo, etc.  Did I miss anything you LOVE?

I also did one of these last summer for pregnancy/ maternity must haves.


Have a wonderful humpday!  I'm off to take Ben to get an epidural.  :/  More on that later.  Poor husband!


  1. I have been wanting to write a post like this.

  2. Do! I would love to see what else is out there.

  3. Great post! Totally agree on diaper genie, swaddleMe and carrier, For us the Wubbanubs didn't work, that was the only pacifier Zoe didn't like. Isn't it funny how different babies are? Our favorites: wearable blankets, jumperoo and swing, activity table and ergo carrier. I'm sure there is more, but that's all I can think of now.

  4. Lansinoh Storage Bags are the BEST!! I LOVE snuggling my baby in our Ergo, we have the Baby K'tan too for when babies are teeny tiny. These newborn pics are making me baby hungry, so precious!

  5. Haha I just typed a whole comment and it disappeared! I will try to re-create...

    Cutest little dude! I love the car mirror, too. I just need something for at night when driving because he hates being back there in the dark. I read that there is a mirror with a light, so I need to check it out! I wonder if that warmer would fit our bottles. We are constantly running them under hot water and it's annoying. I love boon! I just got these, they look fun: http://www.kohls.com/product/prd-972737/boon-scrubble-bath-toy-scrub-set.jsp

  6. With the breathing monitor, what are you supposed to do if the alarm goes off because he's not breathing? CPR?