Run Like the Wind(ed)

One of my new year's resolutions has me adapting to a schedule of running 3x weekly and CrossFitting / X-training 2x based on this book. 

I have had good weeks, but it's been a bit of a struggle getting my body to cooperate as I get back to running.  It's disheartening.

The Great Wall Marathon is going to be here so quickly so I have come up with a low-mileage training program to help us stay accountable but hopefully keep our legs fresh, and I want to start updating with our progress.  

How do you train for a 1/2 marathon with 5000+ stairs/steps though??  I haven't been able to find anything online!!

I wouldn't be able to do it without our new treadmill, the Proform Pro9000, that's for sure.  It was the best push gift EVER.  I LOVE IT SO MUCH.  haha  :P

Ben and I started doing a plank challenge to help with my resolution to get my abs back into shape.  Core work is really what I need!!  

This one starts you out very easy and then works up to 5:00 with NO rest days.  No rest for the abdominals.

Ben had an epidural last week.  I know what you're thinking (or at least I was).  Epidural??  On a dude??  I guess it makes sense if you think about it, which I hadn't really, ever.  They always just meant BABY TIME.

He hurt his back in September and hasn't been able to work out since then and has only run a couple of times.  He's been to a bunch of doctors and had xrays/MRI and the spine doc recommended he give up running and CrossFit and take up swimming and other low-impact sports.  :/

^^I'm certain he did not plan to have this on the blog.  haha

(He is an amazing swimmer though...)

A second opinion said running would probably be okay.  The epidural should last about a year and maybe his back will have healed by then.  He has had shooting pains in his left leg from the injury so it's affected him in nearly everything he does.

My family is coming into town to run the Phoenix 1/2 and 10k which is next weekend!  Last year Ben and I both signed up for the half but I was too sick so he ran it solo.  He said it was a great race so I'm excited to participate this year.

Most of my runs have been on the treadmill since I don't run in the dark, but sometimes when Ben gets home I get to finish a mile or two outside as the days lengthen.  I have an 800m loop around my house so it makes it nice.  Especially when I have my own cheerleaders!

Ice bath anyone?  The weather's been nice but the water is FUH-REEZING.

I'm used to the treadmill, but one big thing I miss about running outside is the hot air balloons!!

They are usually out somewhere from September through May and then during the hot summer weather they disappear for a bit.  They literally take off anywhere.  These pics were on Friday.

I also miss my cool downs with the sunsets.  Here come summer and fitness/blogging streak Juneathon (run/blog/log everyday), I plan to resume the outdoor runs as much as possible!  Even when it's a sauna out.

Any tips on getting to China?  I don't personally know of anybody who has run it.  But we're stoked to run it as a family and know it'll be an experience.

Meanwhile here goes the next 13 weeks getting there.

One day at a time!

PS.  I am in denial that we will not be bringing Bentz with us.  I can't imagine going from being with him basically 24/7 to not at all.  He'll be in good hands, but I'm dreading it.  How do you deal with leaving your baby?


  1. I like the plank challenge. And I never heard of an epidural lasting that long. And that sunset is pretty!

  2. To your question, I have no clue! I'm going back to work and am soooo clingy now.