Welcome Home Brother!

I've been a little MIA this week because on Wednesday we drove to Tucson, Arizona to pick up my little brother (Dallin) from his two year, LDS mission!  We live two hours from where he served, so we worked it out to pick him up and keep him for a couple of days first.  


Today we dropped him off at the airport and tonight everybody up north got to welcome him home.  Jealous we couldn't be there too!!  haha

Ben's sign said "MEH" on one side, and "Congrats Dallon.  That was a fast year." on the other.  They have always teased each other mercilessly.

He finally got to meet little B-myster.

We were a little fashionably late (sorry Dallin) because of rush hour traffic.  The missionaries were all standing there watching for us to pull up, so the presentation of our signs wasn't exactly as we anticipated.  :P

James recorded the whole thing.

He is planning to move back to Arizona, and probably soon.  Woot woot.

That's all for now.  Have a wonderful weekend (since it's already started)!


  1. I'm seriously impressed with your sign making skills! Ben's too! Super fun you got to get your baby bro!

  2. oh, and i definitely didn't make that love book thing- just printed it off and filled in the pages.
    Here's the link

  3. Awww welcome home and congrats!!! As a convert, I have a tender spot in my heart for missionaries. Love that he was willing to serve!