Family is Best

Drawn by my brother in-law!  Isn't it so cute!?  It's going on our wall, large canvas style.

This past weekend was the first time us four siblings have been together in over two years so we took some pictures with our mom!

It was bright out so we struggled, especially the little guy.

  Too bright, mom.

How about some [more] outtakes.  lol

Please don't run over my camera.

The first night after they all go home is a little bit of a downer, especially after making so many fun memories.  That night happens to be tonight.  After we dropped my mom off at the airport today, B$ and I came home and it was so quiet.  :/  Luckily my brother is moving here this month and my dad is coming out to visit too.

Turns out if you have a baby, you get a lot of visitors!  Definitely not complaining.  Family is best.  :]
In the meantime, I'm going to go hang out with my cute little family of my own!!

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  1. Love the doodle! Looks just like you, lol!

    I figured out how you've been getting some of these .gif's made... I should do one sometime!