Friday Favorites

Friday favorites, in all their random glory...

These pancakes are from Butterfield's Pancake House.  They are Oreo cookie smores cakes, and wildberry cakes (and a side of bacon to make it healthy...).  They are dangerously good.  OMG shoot me now.

I met a couple of fellow bloggers for lunch last week, who blog at Travel the Unbeaten Path, and Easy Baby Meals.  Our babies are almost the same age, to the day!  I would love to get together again soon!

Our weather has been so nice!  Hopefully it sticks around for awhile before it gets roasty toasty.  I know there is a heat wave rolling through this weekend, just in time for my dad to visit.  haha

Average is 80 this time of year.  Crazy.

B is our favorite everyday.  If I didn't hold back, there'd be dozens of baby pictures on this post, just like on my phone!

My youngest brother moved in with us a week ago!  Arizona is now 2 for 3 for my siblings.  It is awesome!

He is also a CrossFitter so that's fun for us.

I've been eating Paleo on weekdays and sometimes get in a rut eating the same ole things.  I was excited to find Paleo bread/wraps!!   We haven't tried the wraps yet, but the bread is meh.  Ben thinks it's plain gross.  I am willing to give it a try as a sandwich, or something on top.  It was kind of $$$, so....

These beautiful Jessica Simpsons should join my closet.  That would make my day.  Just in time for spring (aka 90 degrees!).  They are so pretty!

They just broke ground on the new aquarium in Scottsdale and season passes are already on sale.  I'm excited as ever.  The OdySea Aquarium!  From their website:

Slated to open July 2016 in Scottsdale, OdySea Aquarium will be the largest aquarium in the Southwest.

Spanning 200,000 square feet, the two-level aquarium will hold more than 2 million gallons of water and accommodate up to 15,000 visitors daily.

So awesome.

Happy Friday!!


  1. It's lunch time here and the start of this post was mouth watering. How could you??!! LOL

  2. Hmm, those wraps look interesting. Are they made of chickpea flour?

    Those pancakes... you and I share a love of Oreo.

  3. Woohoo thanks for the shoutout! I had a lot of fun and love that picture of our littles looking at each other! Those pancakes look amazeballs and I had no idea about the aquarium- we'll have to take the boys when it's done! Happy Friday! Lo

  4. OH MY WORD! I'm dying over those pancakes. Insane. I love the beautiful weather you're having too. So lucky. I should try doing Paleo on the weekdays too. I like that idea! I love those beautiful shoes so much too, but I'm almost 5'9", so I would be a giant in them. Sigh.

  5. Those pancakes...Amazing! :)

  6. That food looks good! I never heard of Paleo. Sounds like I need to check out that aquarium now. ;)

  7. Goodness gracious those pancakes look aaaahhhhmazzzinggggggg