Froyo 5k

This was a race that I saw on Facebook and even though it was more than I'll usually pay for a 5k, something about FROYO sealed the deal.  And 9am.

Ben and B$ spectated while my brother and I ran.  Ben had two more epidurals yesterday!  Hopefully he'll be back in business soon.  I'm sure the fact that he could have probably won this race didn't help, but it was a gorgeous morning and our child is so cute that I'm sure he didn't mind too much that he was cheering from the side.

My goals were to:
1-beat my fastest 5k split from last weekend's race
2-increase my cadence
3-run negative splits
4-consume frozen yogurt

James came in 6th overall out of 843 with a 21:15.  
WITH his GoPro.  <---Practicing for China.

^^I've learned you cannot judge a runner by their physique.  We predicted the guy in front of James (above) might be pretty fast.  Turned out true.

This race utilized "privacy tracking," which is garbage.  Everybody's times are listed in the results under their bib # only.  There is no gender assignment, ages/age groups, anything.  You just knew where you came in overall.  

Update:  I believe they no longer use the privacy tracking.  :]

On the upside at least there was chip timing.

I came in 53rd/843 and met my goals for the race while feeling really comfortable!  My time was 26:55 with splits:  8:59, 8:48, 8:36. 

It was fun and we'd do it again if it comes back to Arizona.  I thought I hadn't run the 5k distance in years, but I remembered we ran one in November.  That one was more of survival mode.  :P

Lately I've really LOVED running and I really did miss it when my doctor wanted me to take on low-impact activity during my pregnancy.  Getting back into it has made me realize how I always want it to be a part of my life.  It can be pretty rough at the start whether you've done it before or you just took a hiatus, but it will always get easier and much more enjoyable if you stick with it.  It can transform you both physically and mentally (in many ways)!  Running a 10k today sounds considerably easier than running my first mile post partum, and I plan on making the same strides in the next few months.

Have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. Awesome! Especially goal #4, consume frozen yogurt. Haha!

  2. Good job!!!! Happy to hear running is getting easier!