Great Wall Training Weeks 2 & 3

Happy Monday [night]!!  

Yesterday was Daylight Savings which Arizona doesn't have.  HOWEVER.  Our phones sometimes get confused about time zones or something and they both switched forward an hour, thus we all got up an hour early for church!  I even woke the bebe who was still asleep.  

Then last night was a little less than sleep fulfilling, so here we are amping up the caffeine and already trying to get to the weekend!  I thought as Arizonian's we were supposed to be able to bask in the glory of not having the time change mess with our schedules.  At least we got up early as opposed to an hour late, since I play the organ at my church.  :P


Week 2 of 13 of our Great Wall training wasn't the best one around here.  I wasn't feeling well, but I was happy to feel a lot better come race morning and I met my goal, so I'm happy enough.

Last week, week 3, was a better week and I got all my runs in.  My brother and I ran a fun 5k race on Saturday and I came home and finished with an additional 4 to get my day mileage.

Almost all of my runs have been outdoors, which is glorious.  I took a couple of pictures along the glorious way.

This week is week 4 and I'm excited because we just bought a rig for our garage!  It is a new design from Rogue that folds FLAT against the wall.

I ran three and then family night.  :]

Have a wonderful week.  :]


  1. I had no idea there is no daylight savings time in Arizona!! Good job on your runs!!

  2. I always envy you guys during the time changes. Time changes with a baby = rough! But sucks that your phone still thought it should spring forward, anyway. I'm super sad that I am not as active as you are right now... not sure howwwwwwww that could happen. Maybe someday?