Phoenix Marathon + Half + 10k

I think I might LIVE for these family race weekends.  This one was the Phoenix Marathon/ Half/ 10k, a well put on, Saturday race.  My mom and youngest brother flew in from Utah while my sister and brother in-law drove in from Cali.

Us three (on the left) ran the 10k.  The two on the right ran the 1/2.  My mom and Spencer hung with the little B3 and cheered us on.

The 10k course was flat and the 1/2 slightly downhill.  We were bused to the starting lines and had to get to the busses between 3:45-5am.  It was an early morning and left us so much time at the starting line.

It has been a stormy few days and there were heaters at the start line of the 1/2 and full, but not the 10k.  I guess we were the afterthought which left us freezing for an hour and a half because we were planning on those HEATERS!  BRR.  But really I think that was my only complaint for the entire race.

Here is the 10k:

I dug out some old fuel from prior to pregnancy to eat for my breakfast.  It was STALE and nasty.  I mean, look who's on the front.  Lance Armstrong.  (Have you watched that "Stop at Nothing" documentary of him on Netflix??)

My goal was to come in under 1:00 with negative splits and just see how I felt.  It turned out to be a good race for me.

Freaking split #3.  I'm not sure what happened there.  I swear I had picked up the pace, but the rest of my splits were on target.  9:55, 9:45, 9:51, 9:26, 9:16, 8:45, 8:23.  <---8's!!!  Oh how I've missed you.  Please come again soon.

This might be boring info, but I used to have a consistent 178-180spm running cadence.  This race day it averaged 173 and same with my run today.

I am proud of Ben.  His epidural didn't take so he was in a lot of pain during the race.  He has two more epidurals scheduled this month that will hopefully work this time.

The shirts rocked.  I am pretty excited about the tank tops.  They get a lot of use around here whereas the tees not as much (except for when I'm pregnant).

After the race it was breakfast time.  What a great day!


Goal:  Sub 1:00
Official time:  58:46
Pace:  9:29
Age group placement:  34/124  <--I forgot I went up an age group a couple of months ago
Gender placement:  159/859
Overall placement:  361/1381
Garmin stats:  58:46 for 6.22 @ 9:27

Official time:  49:23
Pace:  7:58
Age group placement:  8/54
Gender placement:  70/522
Overall placement:  101/1381
Garmin stats: 49:22 for 6.25 @ 7:54

James ran an official 43:18 10k (3rd in his age group), Jolie ran an official 1:52:45 half, and Dal ran an official 1:43:41 half after being home from his mission for three weeks.  ha

Starting next year, if you complete the 1/2 or full every year for five years, you get this:


We'll be back next year for sure.  Maybe we can make it a family AZ race tradition?


  1. You did awesome!!! Congratulations!! Love that your family flies in for a race, that is awesome!! Oh and the tank top - yes please!!! I think that might be a good reason for me to come and run this race with you!

  2. I haven't seen the documentary, but I will fully admit to still loving Lance Armstrong despite the cheating. I'm so jealous of your tiny little legs!

  3. Your son is so cute! Love the first photo!!

  4. You did so well! I must say, I can't wait until I can do something like that again.

  5. You GO GIRL!!!!! That baby of yours is PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!