Six Months!

Well we've hit half of a year with our little guy!  These have been the fastest, most exhausting, busiest, most fun months.  We are so proud of our B3 and love watching him learn and grow.  Every stage is so much fun!!  We definitely have new parent syndrome, because everything he does is freaking cute and deserves three dozen pictures.  Or more.  And a video.

We weighed B in at 15 pounds, 11 ounces and 26-1/4".  I'm not sure where that puts him percentiles-wise, but we'll find out this week at his appointment and I'll update this post (plus they always measure him longer at the doctor's).  I'm guessing about the same as last month.  <25% weight, >50% height.

[UPDATED:  So I need to go back to math class because he weighed in 1/2 a pound lighter, a week later.  Typically my weight measurement and the doctor's office is about the same.  At home we hold him and step on the scale, then subtract our own weight.  His current weight is 15 lbs 5 oz (12%) and height is 26.5" (50%).  He has slowed down in his growth, but the doctor wasn't concerned and said it's normal for this age.  And here I thought he was getting so chubby!]

He wears size 1-2 diapers, and is starting to get too tall for some of his clothes.  He mostly wears 3-6, 6 months, and some of his 0-3 month onesies still are fine.

This last month he went on his first hike (in the form of sleeping).

He got a new toy, a walker!  At first (he couldn't even touch the ground) he could only scoot backwards but has since learned to go forwards and maneuver around the kitchen.

He does get stuck from time to time.

He has become fascinated with his hands and is often just looking at them and flipping them from front to back.  Who needs toys, right?  Hands are cool.

He has started to sit up like a big boy.

He enjoys his stroller and at one point we took a loop around the hospital he was born at.  Can't believe that was 6 months ago.

He did his first pull-up.  Assisted.

We're thinking he's more serious about teething, poor guy.  He has outdone himself in the slobber department and has even been getting a rash in his neck rolls.  He's been biting and getting frustrated.  It's really sad!  Our poor little slobatron.

^^We still don't know what his eyes are going to be.  They are like every color right now depending on the light.  Blue, brown, gray, green, hazel, etc...

We have been Google Hanging Out with my mom.  I'm not sure what he thinks about it, but he seems to be quite interested in the computer screen.

He has been sleeping in his crib for a majority of the nights now.  It's bittersweet, really.  I miss him.  I have this rule where if he wakes up and it's after 4am then he comes to snuggle.  :)  [Or if I wake up and it's after 4am then he comes to snuggle.  Or if we have visitors.  Or any other reason I can think of.]

The transition to the crib was simple.  I think we had braced ourselves for weeks of horrific sleep training, but none of that ever happened.  He's been off acid reflux meds for a couple of months now.  I think he's grown out of his tummy troubles which has contributed to the smooth transition.  His longest stretch was 7 hours, but we usually get about 5 hour stretches.

^^This morning.  Ben snapped it.

He watched his first episode of Barney and seemed to like it.  Yeah, Barney.  What do kids watch these days?   I only know what my brothers watched.  Plus I still have them all memorized.

(Barney can be your friend too if you just make believe him.)

We love our little boy and are unbelievably happy that he is forever ours!!
*large heart emoticon*


  1. This post made me laugh lots. I love his cute little legs in the pull-up picture. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves to snuggle with my baby. I have the 4 am rule too. I love cuddling with my baby!

  2. Haha I love the pull up picture too! He's a sweetie! Our little guy is very similar to yours in weight and height, and we're milking the 3-6 month clothes (and some of the 0-3 still also!) Here's to baby slobber, cute smiles and happy boys!


  3. Happy half birthday, B3!! He's so cute! I have to admit his weight is pretty much the same as my guy's at 4 months, but I've got a rolly polly. =D I love seeing his progress and him being more and more active!

  4. I love that his thighs are getting rolls! That "stuck" picture where he's just staring at the wall was SO funny!

  5. Oh my God, his smile is so stinking cute!! And the rolls on his legs, ohhh to die for! His is gaining a very good way!! So cute!!

  6. Oh your little guy is a DOLL!!! I love his chubby legs. My baby just turned 7 months yesterday and he's over 19 pounds! He's growing so fast. I love that pic of you and your baby in bed. Precious. My mornings look just like that too. Ha ha. It's so tough and I'm so sleep deprived, but I know I will miss it so so much!

  7. O my goodness,I love this kid. Look at that face, those chubby legs!! Such a cutie pie!! Where do you get all the cute hats?! I've tried to find some and only have like 2, now that the sun is out in Georgia we need MORE so he doesn't get sunburned!!

  8. This kid is so adorable! We need to get more hats for that cute little melon of his.