April: Blogger Men Tell All

Another month of questions for my mister.  Another month of Blogger Men Tell All.

lol  He makes me laugh.

1-What is the last song you listened to?
The Fallout by The Haunted. Look it up and give it a listen. Everyone needs a little more hard rock in their lives, starting yesterday.

2-What would you sing at a karaoke night?
Baby got back. No, I can't sing but hey, anyone can yell into a microphone about big butts!!

3-Would you describe yourself as an introvert or an extrovert?
A highly extroverted introvert. Huh? I don't qualify for either category really: im very solid nerd type that loves people, making people laugh, making people trip so I can laugh; but also really enjoy a good book an a lazy Sunday without a gaggle of crazies always nagging at my face. How about a neutrivert? That's better. I'll be in the middle of the crowd telling everyone to leave me alone. Then I'll trip them when they leave and everyone else will laugh. The hilariousness will draw a crowd. It's a hard and thankless job, but that's what I do. Neutrivert.

4-What is one thing you will never do again?
Punch my sister. Eat chicken feet. Tow behind a truck on a skateboard. Oh wait, one thing? Ok, I'll never again eat chicken feet while chasing my sister on a skate board to give her a well deserved punching.

5-How do you think [your blogger] has benefited from blogging?
A ton of ways. There are so many, but one random selection is dedication. She commits to something, posts on her blog about it and then come hell or high water she follows through. She gets it done. It's more than impressive, it's truly amazing. She's a peach!

^^How about a picture from a couple of hours before we got engaged (5-1/2 years ago).  :]

Have a wonderful Tuesday!  We are zombies over here.  B3's popping out his first tooth and he was pretty miserable last night, poor guy.  Breaks my heart.

Staycation Weekend - Doubletree Resort

We went to the Doubletree Resort for part of our staycation weekend.  It was the first time B3 has been in the pool so we were stoked to see how he would do.  He loved it!  We took a million pictures making it obvious that we are first time parents.  How could I not though??

When we lived in Safford/Thatcher, many of the weekends we would Priceline hotels so we could head to the valley and have a weekend in the city.  We often ended up at the Doubletree which we picked to be one of our favorites.

A Review of Resolutions

I have been putting effort into keeping my resolutions for 2015.  It has only been one quarter (and almost an additional month because I am a little late on this), but I'm happy with my progress thus far.  I hope it continues!  But I'm in charge of that, so continue it shall.


  • Run 500 miles:  I was 17 miles short after the first quarter.  I've since caught up!  I ran 53 miles in March and will surpass that for April.  I'm slowly increasing my mileage and by JUNE I hope to jump back in on the 30 day running/blogging streak.  (And because Boston always makes me irrationally jazzed, if I decide to run a full marathon this year, I will start training in July!)

LilySlim Fitness goals tickers

  • Get my abs into shape:  I have seen progress here, but I still have a ways to go.  I guess I wasn't expecting pregnancy to wreak havoc on my abs like it did?  (But duh.)  If you have a c-section, ask your doctor to sew your abs back together, since she's already slicing you up and all.

  • Adopt the 3+2 program (3x run + 2x cross train):  I was doing pretty well here, and had a good weekly pattern set.  Having a treadmill and a garage rig has helped out immensely.  Props to you mommies who do it all and have to make it to the gym to do so.  My cross training has recently been replaced with stretching/rolling (no more knee niggles!!!), so I have to add more of the strength back in.

  • Adopt a weekly clean eating lifestyle - Success!  I've been mostly Paleo on the weekdays.  I'm not so much a complete fan (that Paleo bread was GROSS AS), but will continue for the time being because I am seeing the benefit.  I sure miss orange juice and cheese.  I used to chug OJ like it was water.

  • Get to China trained but injury free:  I'm not exactly going to be well-trained for the biggest 1/2 marathon of my life (and the hardest), but I will have some mileage on my legs at the very least.  I've been rolling and stretching like a mad woman, yet my legs are constantly five steps ahead of me on being threateningly tight.


  • Adopt a daily cleaning schedule list:  I have been much better as far as daily chores!  I have also been working full time and haven't had time to do much more than that during the week. But working more is always a bonus.

  • Read 10 books:  Giant FAIL. OMG I just finished a book I started in November!  I go through phases, and I have been royally sucking.  However, I just started The Cuckoo's Egg and it's not going to last long because it's interesting!  I definitely recommend it so far, and may even recommend it to my husband (the book particular-ist) which says a lot.

A couple others I have on my list to read:
  1. The Well of Ascension (Mistborn #2)
  2. The Book Thief
  3. Unbroken
  4. The Devil in the White City
  5. The Graveyard Book
  6. Bloodsworth
  7. Kiss of the She-Devil
  8. American Sniper

Ben just read the Amerian Sniper and didn't like it, but I think I'll probably still give it a go.

  • Pump/nurse for 6 months (March 13) - Kind of a fail.  I was dry a month before my "minimum" goal even though I tried to increase my supply. I built up a massive freezer stash so we're still using that, at least.  

  • Finish the nursery - We've made little strides, but my goal is by B3's 1st birthday. It just needs some wall decor and a few finishing touches.

  • Whiten my teeth (post nursing) - Yeah done.  Round two?

  • Decorate my work space - I have some frames chillin' on my desk, artwork ordered from Minted, now I'm waiting for it to arrive.

  • Grow out my hair - Still going strong. No signs of quitting anytime soon!  (Selfie...)

  • Do something with the front yard/entry - We hired a yard crew! Praise the heavens!  Hallelujah. Now we just need to decide what we want planted. How about palm trees?

  • Get back into blogging mode/redesign blog - I'd say success. I worked on my design and even though it has some really frustrating bugs, I'm working through them. Thank goodness for the one college course I took on html, now I know three things about it.

  • Get back to Nikon pictures - Baby strides.

  • Write/orchestrate two new pieces - I'm struggling here which makes me sad. I started doing a cover of Ellie Goulding's song called LIGHTS, but that's as far as I've gone. I was inspired by William Joseph's cover of Radioactive. He's amazing. I just need more time to sit at the piano [and somebody to donate a piano and drive me out to the middle of the lake on a waverunner to video me playing it like a total badace...mom?]!

The most amazing cover ever ever ever in the history of life. 

  • Be more positive/kind/optimistic/forgiving around the clock - a daily thing, I must do better!

Have a fantastic weekend!

We are having stormy, cool weather this weekend and today woke up to rain!  We ate lunch on the patio of Paradise Bakery which was so perfect.  It's been a fun change of pace.

Staycation Weekend - Phoenix Zoo

Ben took some time off work and we headed to the Phoenix Zoo!  I like this zoo, it reminds me of Florida in some spots.  I half expected to see crocodiles floating in these waters.

B3 is obsessed with our puppy.  Whenever he is sad, we can just grab Rykar and B will instantly kick and squeal no matter how upset he was.  The love doesn't really go both ways, however.  Rykar is especially terrified of B while in his walker.

We figured the zoo would be a fun place to take him.  Turns out it sure is way more fun with a little one!

Weird sheep standing on a mountain.

Great Wall Training Weeks 8 & 9

The last two weeks for training were okay.  I noticed a little niggle in my left knee during week 8 (NOOOOOOOOO) so I traded the 3 miler for some extra stretching, rolling, smashing, etc.-ing.  I've mentioned that I had runner's knee when I stopped running during pregnancy, and it was one injury that I am absolutely terrified of coming back because it's so hard to deal with!

I'm happy to say that the knee seems to be under control, but I'm still being strict about my long run recovery and have been working on my abductors like a mad woman.  However, my long runs have been great!  And five miles of my nine miler were with the stroller in some wind.  OMG.

Dallin and I hit up the bleachers this week for a minute or two.  I calculated that if we ran these 175 times then it'd be like race day.

Race day...

We also started up with a new track club this past week.  We did 400 repeats!  It was awesome.  I have missed the track.

(Sorry Dallin, you were too fast to be in my group's pictures.)

Ben and B3 were our cheerleaders and paparazzi.  Spring has been beautiful around here, so even though Ben would rather run, spectating is still nice.

Our new team shirts arrived this week.  We also ordered one for the little.  The final weeks are upon us!

That's all for now.  This week is week ten which means I hit 10 miles/double digits for the first time since B$ was born.  I'm pretty excited!

Have a wonderful, wonderful week!

Running 'N' Reading

Minted Artwork

FTC Disclaimer:  I received the opportunity to review products from Minted and received online credit to their site in return.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I have seen Minted on numerous blogs and was excited when they reached out to me to do a review on their artwork and gifts!  I knew they offered stationary and holiday cards, but I wasn't aware of the artwork and plethora of other items they now offer.

Two of my New Year's resolutions are to decorate my office space, and also to finish baby boy's nursery (we procrastinated the finishing touches and then he came a little bit early).  I drew up my main workspace wall in AutoCAD, but I haven't yet picked everything to go up on it because I need some inspiration.

^^There is also the wall adjacent to the right side that needs something.

Minted offers artwork from individual artists.  You can purchase just the print in your chosen size, or you can pick from one of up to 11 frame options.

I have always been pulled towards bright colors and love the two below (all images are click-able):

And perfect for the nursery:

Minted's art marketplace offers paintings, drawings, foil pressed prints, graphics, along with almost any style of art you can think of.

Some of the artwork are available in multiple colors.  #macaroons  #hashtagonmyblog

On top of the artwork above, Minted offers photo art, maps, and photo maps.  I love, love the photo options, considering I take no fewer than 50 pictures a day (first time mom!!).  The hard part has been narrowing it down.

Ben thinks the foil maps are pretty cool:

One of the best parts [for the left brainer as myself], Minted offers inspirational wall/area pictures.  On their site, there is a tab dedicated to just inspiring.

I had a lot of fun perusing and Pinning the artwork.  I was impressed with the vast selection and endless possibilities there are when it comes to decorating, utilizing just their artwork and website!!  My only negative would be that some of the prints are costly, even without the frame option, which limits those of us decorating on a budget.

Thanks Minted, for partnering up with me for this post.  I am excited to get my office space up to speed and have plans to follow up with what I've decided to do.

Thank you for reading.  Have a wonderful Saturday and weekend!

Throwback Thursday #TBT - College

The most random throwback, my college graduation!  I have been graduated for 6-1/2 years which makes me feel old.  If I recall, I was the only female in my department that graduated this day.  There may have been a couple in construction management, but none from the engineering department.  Unless I just forgot.  ha

My group, the guy to the left of me and I, did an architectural senior project (because we thought we might head that direction in life), which hadn't been done in years.  We designed an ocean side retreat from the ground up, modeled it in 3d, and then used an Epilog laser cutter to model it in real life.

I cannot believe how much work college was.  I wish I would have put together an awesome portfolio!  If only the day and age of taking a million pictures would have started sooner!  We used ZIP DISKS back then, and took terrible pictures which are the only pictures I have to remember by.  That would never fly with the 2015 Christy.

Oh the memories!!