A Review of Resolutions

I have been putting effort into keeping my resolutions for 2015.  It has only been one quarter (and almost an additional month because I am a little late on this), but I'm happy with my progress thus far.  I hope it continues!  But I'm in charge of that, so continue it shall.


  • Run 500 miles:  I was 17 miles short after the first quarter.  I've since caught up!  I ran 53 miles in March and will surpass that for April.  I'm slowly increasing my mileage and by JUNE I hope to jump back in on the 30 day running/blogging streak.  (And because Boston always makes me irrationally jazzed, if I decide to run a full marathon this year, I will start training in July!)

LilySlim Fitness goals tickers

  • Get my abs into shape:  I have seen progress here, but I still have a ways to go.  I guess I wasn't expecting pregnancy to wreak havoc on my abs like it did?  (But duh.)  If you have a c-section, ask your doctor to sew your abs back together, since she's already slicing you up and all.

  • Adopt the 3+2 program (3x run + 2x cross train):  I was doing pretty well here, and had a good weekly pattern set.  Having a treadmill and a garage rig has helped out immensely.  Props to you mommies who do it all and have to make it to the gym to do so.  My cross training has recently been replaced with stretching/rolling (no more knee niggles!!!), so I have to add more of the strength back in.

  • Adopt a weekly clean eating lifestyle - Success!  I've been mostly Paleo on the weekdays.  I'm not so much a complete fan (that Paleo bread was GROSS AS), but will continue for the time being because I am seeing the benefit.  I sure miss orange juice and cheese.  I used to chug OJ like it was water.

  • Get to China trained but injury free:  I'm not exactly going to be well-trained for the biggest 1/2 marathon of my life (and the hardest), but I will have some mileage on my legs at the very least.  I've been rolling and stretching like a mad woman, yet my legs are constantly five steps ahead of me on being threateningly tight.


  • Adopt a daily cleaning schedule list:  I have been much better as far as daily chores!  I have also been working full time and haven't had time to do much more than that during the week. But working more is always a bonus.

  • Read 10 books:  Giant FAIL. OMG I just finished a book I started in November!  I go through phases, and I have been royally sucking.  However, I just started The Cuckoo's Egg and it's not going to last long because it's interesting!  I definitely recommend it so far, and may even recommend it to my husband (the book particular-ist) which says a lot.

A couple others I have on my list to read:
  1. The Well of Ascension (Mistborn #2)
  2. The Book Thief
  3. Unbroken
  4. The Devil in the White City
  5. The Graveyard Book
  6. Bloodsworth
  7. Kiss of the She-Devil
  8. American Sniper

Ben just read the Amerian Sniper and didn't like it, but I think I'll probably still give it a go.

  • Pump/nurse for 6 months (March 13) - Kind of a fail.  I was dry a month before my "minimum" goal even though I tried to increase my supply. I built up a massive freezer stash so we're still using that, at least.  

  • Finish the nursery - We've made little strides, but my goal is by B3's 1st birthday. It just needs some wall decor and a few finishing touches.

  • Whiten my teeth (post nursing) - Yeah done.  Round two?

  • Decorate my work space - I have some frames chillin' on my desk, artwork ordered from Minted, now I'm waiting for it to arrive.

  • Grow out my hair - Still going strong. No signs of quitting anytime soon!  (Selfie...)

  • Do something with the front yard/entry - We hired a yard crew! Praise the heavens!  Hallelujah. Now we just need to decide what we want planted. How about palm trees?

  • Get back into blogging mode/redesign blog - I'd say success. I worked on my design and even though it has some really frustrating bugs, I'm working through them. Thank goodness for the one college course I took on html, now I know three things about it.

  • Get back to Nikon pictures - Baby strides.

  • Write/orchestrate two new pieces - I'm struggling here which makes me sad. I started doing a cover of Ellie Goulding's song called LIGHTS, but that's as far as I've gone. I was inspired by William Joseph's cover of Radioactive. He's amazing. I just need more time to sit at the piano [and somebody to donate a piano and drive me out to the middle of the lake on a waverunner to video me playing it like a total badace...mom?]!

The most amazing cover ever ever ever in the history of life. 

  • Be more positive/kind/optimistic/forgiving around the clock - a daily thing, I must do better!

Have a fantastic weekend!

We are having stormy, cool weather this weekend and today woke up to rain!  We ate lunch on the patio of Paradise Bakery which was so perfect.  It's been a fun change of pace.


  1. Great progress! I totally fail on my goals, but my priorities changed. Oh well. How did you whiten your teeth? That's something I would like to do as well.

    1. I just use the Crest Whitening Strips. They are great!


  2. Haha I want to comment on every single item but this would be the longest response ever. Um let's see... Your fitness and eating routine are amazing. And here I am buying a big ol slice of cheesecake for the table. I'm trying to read more too, reading blogs count, right? Crest whitening is the bomb, I used it pre-babe and they're still going! And yes, that's a sweet cover and video! Haha great goals!

  3. Your goals are awesome, but the truly impressive part is your follow through. Really great job on making the things that are important to you happen in your life!

    PS- American Sniper sucks.