Not throwing it back today.  More like throwing it current.

Eating:  lemon garlic turkey jerky from COSTCO.  This stuff is addicting.

Wearing:  I'm wearing a form of pajamas.  The kind that you can tell yourself are nice enough to consider daytime chill clothes.

Feeling:  Sore.  Last week I took my "step-back" week a little too seriously.  But my dad was in town!

Weather:  We hit a record high on Sunday.  Hottest 3/29 since 1971.  97 freaking degrees!!  The weather is supposed to cool back down towards mid/low 80s for a little while longer.  Thank goodness because I love having the back door open later than 10am.

Wanting:  There is always a list of things I want for the house:  a cantilever umbrella for the backyard, large fire/gun safe, palm tree for the yard, shade screen for the patio, patio furniture, patio fan & misters, new window treatments, pool fencing, pool surveillance camera, more time in the day, more money on the tree, etc.  As for myself, I'd like a new swim suit or two.  And a six pack.

Needing:  The pool fencing will soon be a need.  Little man is 6 months old and shall soon be mobile.

Thinking:  Time goes way too fast.  It's APRIL.  2nd quarter!

Saving for:  A Porsche.  Well, that's mostly Ben, but I go along with it.  I do have a shoe fund for some nice shoes though, like these beauties, and my fav YSLs.

Learning:  How to balance life now that I'm a mommy.  I'm busy, but I love, love it.

Enjoying:  The weather.  I have loved living in Arizona.  I also get cold when it's like 80 degrees.

Reading:  I started Gone Girl in November.  I'm not quite half way through it, but I sure haven't been reading lately.  My weekdays:  work+workout+family time/get everything else done/blog/read+sleep.

Planning for:  Ch Ch China, also a possible staycation?

Watching:  Air Crash Investigations.  There is only one season on Netflix (called Air Disasters on there), but 14 on YouTube.  Airplanes are phenomenally engineered machines.  It blows my mind how a massive chunk of metal can fly!!

Loving:  Having my little brother live with us.  It's fun to have him around and B$ and Rykar sure like him.

Listening:  Kelly Clarkson's newest album.  Did I mention I'm going to her concert with my brother??  2ND ROW.

This is still my favorite song of hers and my all time favorite song for the past few years.  I often run to it on REPEAT.

Anticipating:  China, coming back from China to my baby boy (I'm already looking forward to that part so much), Kelly Clarkson, Juneathon running streaaaaak, B$'s 1st birthday, setting fall racing goals, 5 year wedding anniversary this year!, etc.

Thankful for:  My little family!  I never knew I could think that everything a little human does is cute.  Even the gross stuff!  It really is different when he's your own; Ben and I just oooo and aaaah all day long.


  1. OMG, B3 is soooo mobile!! I love it!! Oh and the jumping pool the fridge in the background :)

  2. You had me at lemon garlic turkey jerky, pretty sure I could eat an entire bag of that!! Our closest Costco is 2 hours away!