Great Wall Training Weeks 6 & 7

Even though my mileage is low, I'm still stepping back since my legs are slower to adjust.  Week 6 I completely missed the 4miler because my dad was in town visiting!  But I didn't really sweat it.  Meh.

I have, however, been good with my cross training.

I mixed up the past week's order and did 6+7+3 so I could use Saturday for a 5k.  On occasion I have been using 5k racing for a little speed work.  We won't talk about how I was 2 seconds from getting 1st in my age group, or 6 seconds from being 3rd woman overall.  No we wonnnnnnnnnnnnnn't.

However, at CrossFit on Thursday, we did a 2k row + 100 situps as fast a possible + 12:00 AMRAP of 7 thrusters + 7 bar over burpees + 200m run every 2:00, and starting with a run.  I could hardly move by race morning.

Lately my runs have started on the treadmill, when Ben walks in the door from work I literally run out it.  The days are getting longer, the allergies are getting worser, and the runs are getting funner!!  

Also getting worser, my grammar.

This upcoming week is #8, with an 8 miler.  And I'm excited!  We also plan to hit up the bleachers.  It's about time.  I can already see my family dragging me up the great wall!

"Come on Christy, only 4,359 stairs to go...then like 8 miles after that..."

A new year, a new race shirt!


I hope you had a wonderful Easter and have a fantastic week!

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  1. Haha your posts always make me giggle! And they always make me think 'holy moly you are a superhero' 😂

  2. YAY! So glad you have linked up with the blog today; thanks so much! Um, I definitely will NOT talk about that little race issue you mentioned; that's a tough pill to swallow and what a great effort! Yes, my allergies have definitely signaled the arrival of Spring, but I can't stand not to be out there; the weather is just too nice right now and I know it won't last (because it will be SO hot soon), so we have to do it, right? Kudos on your training and I'm so excited to know you're going to be running The Great Wall! WOW!! Have a great day!

  3. 6 seconds from being third overall!! WOW!!! You are killing it!!! Awesome!!

  4. So glad to have found your blog through Tara's linkup. I'll have to take some time this week to read your old posts :) Jennifer @ Run Jenny Run