Great Wall Training Weeks 8 & 9

The last two weeks for training were okay.  I noticed a little niggle in my left knee during week 8 (NOOOOOOOOO) so I traded the 3 miler for some extra stretching, rolling, smashing, etc.-ing.  I've mentioned that I had runner's knee when I stopped running during pregnancy, and it was one injury that I am absolutely terrified of coming back because it's so hard to deal with!

I'm happy to say that the knee seems to be under control, but I'm still being strict about my long run recovery and have been working on my abductors like a mad woman.  However, my long runs have been great!  And five miles of my nine miler were with the stroller in some wind.  OMG.

Dallin and I hit up the bleachers this week for a minute or two.  I calculated that if we ran these 175 times then it'd be like race day.

Race day...

We also started up with a new track club this past week.  We did 400 repeats!  It was awesome.  I have missed the track.

(Sorry Dallin, you were too fast to be in my group's pictures.)

Ben and B3 were our cheerleaders and paparazzi.  Spring has been beautiful around here, so even though Ben would rather run, spectating is still nice.

Our new team shirts arrived this week.  We also ordered one for the little.  The final weeks are upon us!

That's all for now.  This week is week ten which means I hit 10 miles/double digits for the first time since B$ was born.  I'm pretty excited!

Have a wonderful, wonderful week!

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  1. Speedy track workout! I haven't hit the track yet this year, all my speedwork runs have been on the treadmill. Something awesome about that spongy track surface, though. I need to get in some more steps to prep for Escape from Alcatraz Tri - probably not quite as bad as the Great Wall, though.

  2. Wow, you go girl! You look GREAT!!

  3. Great videos! So impressed you will be running the Great Wall... so many steps. The onesie is adorable. Jennifer @ Run Jenny Run