Seven Months!

Our little nugget is 7 months today!  I seriously cannot believe it.  Life, slow the freak down.  He is getting more and more fun and his personality is so sweet.  If we were paid every time we said something out of adoration, we'd be millionaires.  He has brought so much happiness into our home.

At night, Ben and I look at each other and then at slumbering baby boy (in our bed because I just hate putting him in that lonnnnnely crib [oh the struggle is real]), and we always talk about how CUTE he is, how PERFECT, how it is still so weird that we are parents and have a little human of our own.

Last month he weighed in 1/2 a pound less than I had weighed him at home!  This month I was a little more careful with my mathematics.  He weighed in at 16 pounds, 1 ounce, and 27" inches long.

He wears size 2 diapers, and is really wearing anything 3-9 months, and some of his 0-3 month onesies still.  He's pretty skinny, but getting tall!  We have had to retire some of his smaller pants that have turned into fashionable capris, and footy jammies (like the Care Bears one below that us Hales babies wore too, remember Care Bears??).

This past month our little B3 wore a couple of daddy Ben's baby outfits:  red sweats & an overall jumpsuit!

B mastered the walker.  First he started out doing giant hops to get around, but he has since started to actually take steps.

While "walking," he has pulled the towels off the oven door handle, pushed the recycling bin around the kitchen, poked around at an electrical socket, and cornered the dog under the desk.  We have since bought safety plugs and we're working on the other child proofings.  So it begins!

He prefers the highchair while eating out.  Such a big boy now.  And cute, cute.

He now likes to find entertainment while sitting up.

He has loved eating solids and has shunned milk.  Sometimes it's a battle to get him to drink a bottle unless it's the middle of the night when somehow he is dying to eat!  Since he weighed in at the bottom 12% last month, we have been trying to fatten him up!  He really loves pears and apples, but has had greens, squash, chicken and gravy, bananas, etc.  Meanwhile, we are still going strong on the milk freezer stash.

Now-a-days when I set him down for half a second, he rolls right over and starts playing or moving around.  It's cute, but I have to be careful where I set him down.  He was rolling right under the tv stand the other day.  haha

This is by my desk.  He likes to play while I get some work done.  :]

Little guy loves the stroller and going on runs!  Too bad not all parties involved get to have such an adorably relaxing time.

His entire fist still fits in his mouth and is there all of the time.  Sometimes both.  Or a foot.

We haven't followed all of the "rules" of baby.  I still let him fall asleep in my arms.  I LOVE IT.  I am such a sucker, but he is so precious and the time is passing by too quickly.

This month I learned what happens when you don't buckle little child in.

He is adorable, and we love him!!

Awwh.  We love you baby boy!


  1. Precious!! He really does seem so grown up now, sitting/walking/etc.

    I've sadly had the "what happens when you don't buckle" happen to me, though thankfully I'm always there watching, also breaking the "baby rules" and nursing back to sleep after trying to somewhat sleep train him... I just can't do it. You're right -- it won't be forever. Though it feels like it sometimes when I've gotten up for the 4th time at night.

  2. He's got the cutest smiles!

  3. Awww such a cutie! One thing I learned in that first year is not too worry too much what "the norm" is. Zoe still falls asleep in our arms! We love it, it makes her happy, so why not? I don't think too many hugs and kisses can spoil anybody. The world needs more of it!

  4. Happy 7 months, little B3! You are adorable. And hey, I don't know who came up with these baby rules, but I too co-sleep, nurse my little to sleep, hold him, love him, love him, love him! We've got a food-lover over here too, can't wait to meet up and talk some more! xoxo

  5. Oh your little guy is absolutely darling!!! I totally hear ya about the "growing up too fast" thing. I'm so so sad about how quickly my baby is growing up too!

    I love the cute vintage outfits and I LOVED Care Bears. I also love that cute pic of him in the stroller with sunglasses. Too cute!

  6. These pictures are the best! Especially the one where he's smiling at Ben, the one where he wasn't buckled, and the one in the kitchen sink. Love love love!!