Staycation Weekend - Doubletree Resort

We went to the Doubletree Resort for part of our staycation weekend.  It was the first time B3 has been in the pool so we were stoked to see how he would do.  He loved it!  We took a million pictures making it obvious that we are first time parents.  How could I not though??

When we lived in Safford/Thatcher, many of the weekends we would Priceline hotels so we could head to the valley and have a weekend in the city.  We often ended up at the Doubletree which we picked to be one of our favorites.

We invited my brothers to come hang out with us.  I LOVE having them close.  I wish James was even closER.  We set up music, snacks, shade, and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Naptime was done right in mommy's arms.  I love, love, love.

Lunch time snackin'.

Quick 20 second clip:


  1. Loved this post, B3 is getting bigger and more handsome by the second! Naptime on momma is my favorite too, and tell me where you got that baby float with an umbrella, it's perfect!

  2. So cute and I LOVE the boat B3 is in!!! Where did you get this?

  3. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love finding other AZ runners to share my summer running misery! Ha! I look forward to reading your other posts! :)