Staycation Weekend - Phoenix Zoo

Ben took some time off work and we headed to the Phoenix Zoo!  I like this zoo, it reminds me of Florida in some spots.  I half expected to see crocodiles floating in these waters.

B3 is obsessed with our puppy.  Whenever he is sad, we can just grab Rykar and B will instantly kick and squeal no matter how upset he was.  The love doesn't really go both ways, however.  Rykar is especially terrified of B while in his walker.

We figured the zoo would be a fun place to take him.  Turns out it sure is way more fun with a little one!

Weird sheep standing on a mountain.

This creature reminds me of Rykar.

B loved the pink flamingos.  They were for sure his favorite.


Creepily cute black bear came to swim by us.

^^The hours Dallin works are awesome and allows him to join us.  He landed himself an awesome job, getting paid to lead the temple cleaning each day.

Family zoo pictures!  (It was windy...)

Little guy sprouted a tooth.  He is the gnawing master.

A flamingo is one strange creature.

Not to sound full of myself, but I just don't like it when somebody kicks my trash in a jumping picture.  It's not okay.

That's better.

There are a few zoos around here and this is the only one we've actually been to, but it really is fun and a general admission is only $20.

Watching our little guy experience things for the first time has been so much fun.  We can't wait to take him around on more adventures!!


  1. He is so cute! That looks like a nice zoo!!

  2. Sounds like a super fun day!!!! Haha our pup is still warming up to Baby too... Excited for B3's first tooth! Those pictures are awesome, but the jumping ones are by far the best!

  3. How fun!!! Zoe loves our dog, but is terrified of goats and rabbits (!) at the farm. I think we might wait a little with the zoo :)