Throwback Thursday #TBT - College

The most random throwback, my college graduation!  I have been graduated for 6-1/2 years which makes me feel old.  If I recall, I was the only female in my department that graduated this day.  There may have been a couple in construction management, but none from the engineering department.  Unless I just forgot.  ha

My group, the guy to the left of me and I, did an architectural senior project (because we thought we might head that direction in life), which hadn't been done in years.  We designed an ocean side retreat from the ground up, modeled it in 3d, and then used an Epilog laser cutter to model it in real life.

I cannot believe how much work college was.  I wish I would have put together an awesome portfolio!  If only the day and age of taking a million pictures would have started sooner!  We used ZIP DISKS back then, and took terrible pictures which are the only pictures I have to remember by.  That would never fly with the 2015 Christy.

Oh the memories!!


  1. Dang girl, good for you! Way to represent that female power. Haha college really was a lot of work huh? And an equal amount of fun, thankfully!