10 Ways to Find Your Running MOJO

Every athlete goes through periods of lessened activity or lack of motivation.  Be it injury, pregnancy, adjusting to a new phase of life, or burnout, sooner or later we want to make our way back to working on specific goals!!  But where do we find the inspiration?


1.  New workout clothes/shoes
If nothing more, you will want to wear your cute new clothes!  Getting changed into workout attire can be the hardest step towards working out.  Now you're eliminating that obstacle altogether.
Can you tell I was excited about my Noosas?

2.  Read race recaps
Google "marathon recap," "my first marathon recap," or a specific race, and you will find numerous posts full of inspiring runners' stories.  (I also like to do this when I'm narrowing down race options.)

3.  Read your own race recaps!
If you write a blog, go through your archives and remember your own experiences.  Nothing is more encouraging than remembering how you felt crossing the finish line of your first half or full marathon.  If you don't write a blog, go back through your race pictures.
One of my favorites with my family.

4.  Create a new playlist 
Listen to your new playlist only while you run, that way you'll look forward to it each time.

5.  Watch race recaps on YouTube
One of my favorites is a short blurp on Boston, 2011.  I've also watched my own first marathon video numerous times to remember how I felt that day/moment.

6.  Join a running/track club
Get to know others with similar goals who can help push you along or inspire you with their own goals.  Plus everything is more fun when it's social!

7.  Register for a race
Use runningintheusa.com to help you decide on your perfect race.

8.  Add up your miles
Set a goal # of miles to run for the year and track them as you go via spreadsheet, notebook, DailyMile, Garmin Connect, a gadget on your blog, etc...
LilySlim Fitness goals tickers

This customized journal is from Minted.com.

9.  Leave your Garmin at home 
Run a course you already know the distance (or create a course on mapmyrun) so you won't be pressured by your pace, especially if your fitness levels aren't as high as they used to be.  Or turn off the pace if your watch has the option.
I have the Garmin 620 and absolutely love it.  I highly recommend it if you love lots of data!

10.  Become a spectator!
Nothing is more inspiring than seeing hundreds or thousands of runners crossing that finish line.

Most importantly, don't stress yourself out if what you really need is a break!!  When you're ready to get back to it, hopefully the list above can help you find your way back to setting and reaching your goals.  It has helped me over the past six months as I make my way back from pregnancy, and I can't wait to set some fall goals!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

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