China Adventures

Our first full day in China we visited the Forbidden City 紫禁城, the home of the emperors and Chinese government.  It is absolutely magnificent, 180 acres with almost 1000 buildings!  We walked through and covered 10 kilometers in the little we actually saw.

The air quality is bad in Beijing.  Many of the locals walk around with face masks and the pollution is visible in the air.  This day it was a little overcast at times, but below you can see haze, especially if you look down the waterway.

Asian babies are the CUTEST.  I had to visit with every single one I saw since I was missing my own boy.  My brother would often come along and speak Chinese because "HI AWWH  Hi.  HI!  Thank you.  HI.  AWWWH." was the extent of my communication.

The female, Chinese baby B3... so cute!!  Parents loved to show off their little ones and ask for a picture with our group.  They like the Americans.  (You'll notice her pants have a slit at the crotch which was the norm for children, even the ones without diapers.  Easy bathroom access.)

Finding a Monster in China is quite a difficult task to do, but Red Bull is readily available.  It is NOT carbonated.  It tastes like syrup.

I am not sure why Blogger is destroying the quality of my vertical images.  But I sure do like my husband.  What a hunk.

We also visited the Temple of Heaven, built in 1406.  The construction and architecture of these buildings is fantastic.

We thoroughly enjoyed reading the signs throughout the week.  Google translation maybe?

We visited a bunch of mausoleums built by the Chinese Ming dynasty emperors, the Ming Tombs.

I tried to narrow down the trip's pictures, which honestly I did pretty well!  I still have more that I'll be posting in the near future because China was such an awesome, cultural experience!!

Tomorrow is JUNE which means it's time for a running/blogging streak.  Already that time of year.

Have a fabulous day!

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  1. Hahahaha (as usual)! "Hi awww Hi Hi thank you" would be me as well! Adorableness. Your face in the Red Bull pic says it all. China looks beautiful, and sounds like you all had THE funnest time! (also, you all look like THE funnest group). Unrelated, what kind of fancy camera do you have? I'm in the market :-)

  2. Hi! I came across your blog while googling China. ☺️
    We are planning a trip with our two girls (4 & 1.5) to Thailand, wondering if we should also hit Beijing.

    What are your thoughts on this trip with kids? The long flight excluded because that is already happening. Hopefully surviving. Ha.

    1. Hi Mallory! As far as Beijing, it was pretty awesome! I would recommend a trip there. The worst part of the whole thing would be the plane ride, really. The jet lag wasn't too bad during our trip, just when we got back home afterwards.

      While there, I did worry about the lack of carseats and kids, but the roads are so crowded that you never really get up to high speed, plus we were on a Greyhound bus touring the whole time anyways that traffic didn't matter.

      Have fun in Thailand and good luck on the flight. I couldn't find any contact info for you so hopefully you will even see this!