Eight Months!

This is about half a month late because LIFE, but B3 hit 8 months old!!  I tend to think that every stage is my favorite, but this stage is definitely my favorite.  haha  He has so much personality, a huge [wide] grin, can sit and play for long periods of time, but he isn't into everything quite yet.  Gosh, LOVE HIM.

The cute life of an infant.

He has mastered the walker, maybe too mastered.  Do they make airbags for these things?  Brakes are included (aka the walls).

^^Hi mom!  I followed you. 

He has cornered the dog a thousand times.  Poor Rykar is terrified of the fast baby on wheels.  He has a hard time eating his dog food without the opportunity conveniently presented of being chased.  Bentz thinks it is the funniest thing so I have a hard time stopping it.  Good thing Rykar loves me.

Little guy sprung FOUR teeth this last month.  First a bottom tooth, a week later we noticed the other one cutting through.  Then we left for China and he sprouted his top two front teeth while we were gone!!  :( :( :(   #momfail

We have had some tired nights (and I think so did my sister in-law), but we are slowly getting back to normal and I think now that they have cut through, it's not as miserable for him.  Other than the wretched teething, he is happy.

Baby boy doesn't love milk so much anymore.  That'll prolong my freezer milk stash (aka liquid gold), but he'll sure eat purees like a champ.  Loves him some apples and pears, even prunes.

We haven't introduced him to finger foods yet, for no reason other than we just haven't.  But soon.  Um, we just need to buy a highchair or Bumbo tray probably first...

He has stopped sleeping in at all, so that was a nice phase I would love to repeat ever in life.  Mornings with him are so fun though.  He's so cute when he wakes up.  Even at 5.  Awh.

He's a handsome, patient little guy and my little gym partner (he makes mom do all the work).  ;)

We really need to get entire family pictures.  We couldn't make it through a single day without all of Ben's hard work and help.  He is the best!!  We love you Ben!!

What a dapper little champ.

Stop growing so fast our handsome little mister!


  1. So so cute! M's first tooth is finally cutting through, I'm wondering if the same will happen and the others will just pop through also! Apple-pear is his favorite and get ready for an extra dose of adorableness when you start finger foods!