Great Wall Marathon - Inspection Day!

Two days before the Great Wall Marathon, the race directors held an inspection day!  The goals were to better understand the race route/directions, enjoy the wall/have photo opts without interrupting your actual race, and literally inspect the steps you will be running (aka risking your life) on.

Considering the wall was 2+ hours from our hotel, it seemed like a weird idea to dedicate so much of our touring time to race prep.  It ended up being such a fabulous idea.

The race was held on a section of the wall not populated by tourists, surprisingly.  (I should point out that there is also another smaller race called The Great Wall OF CHINA Marathon held earlier in May, I believe?  Different wall location.)

We toured all week with the same group of runners, which touring with a group of runners is just epic!  We took over the back of our bus.

The start and finish lines were at Yin & Yang Square which is also where we received our race instruction.

Below you can see the Great Wall in the background.  Very cool.

Below:  Learning to read the color coordinated/distance signs since a majority run in kilometers.

The bus took us up to the wall on this particular day.  It was really warm out, maybe mid 80s.  You could have rung my hair out by the end of the wall hike.  Gross.

I promise this isn't green screened.  :]

My classic pose that I don't really think about doing, I just always do it.  I did get some crap for wearing sandals. 

China has really bad air pollution.  Being a couple of hours out of the city of Beijing really helped and the air was much clearer!  These are clouds...maybe... I think they are... ??

You can see the wall run all along the mountain top below...

The wall steps led directly into Yin & Yang Square which you can see below.

This was the 16th year for the race so the directors knew what they were doing and it all went smoothly.  The Great Wall of China is amazing!!

I will get our race recap up asap.  We got home yesterday so we are pretty jet lagged!  :P  China is 15 hours ahead of Arizona so there is an adjustment.

A few minutes later I joined them (and Dallin woke up and took a picture ha).

Have a wonderful... Wednesday evening!

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  1. Love the pics! It was too much fun!

  2. Whoa gorgeous pictures!!!!! So much green! and hahah the passed out pictures are great!

  3. WOW, what an incredible trip, race and PICTURES! Your pictures are all amazing! I can't wait to hear about your race. I love your sleeping pictures too, especially your sweet baby. Too cute!

  4. Breathtaking!!! Can't wait to hear and see more about the trip!!

  5. Wow, what an experience! I had no idea there were two Great Wall Marathons. Can't wait to read more! Jennifer @ Run Jenny Run

  6. You are making me want to go to China! I bet everything about the trip was just so incredible. I'd love to go one day.