Juneathon 2015 = Complete

^^Randomly I ran 63 miles in April too!

Well I have completed my 4th year doing the Juneathon challenge!  Most of the time I was running or doing challenges way into the evening/night and racing to get to bed at the same time as Ben!

Juneathon was great motivation during the hottest month of the year, to keep me working on getting my fitness levels back to where they used to be prior to pregnancy.  There were many times (FRIDAYS) where I didn't want to do a thing but knew I would anyways.

I ran in 114 degrees, I ran barefoot, I ran in a wig, I jumped in the pool between hot miles, I ran on a 150% full stomach, I ran while eating fruit snacks, I ran through a thunderstorm and pouring rain, I ran in street clothes, I ran hills, treadmill and track miles, and I loved [almost] every mile!!

My goal for now is to rest a couple of days from running, keep up on the challenges as much as possible, and head into July ready to get serious with my training and base building.

If you stuck around all month long through my millions of posts, thanks!!  This little blog is a great hobby and it really does help me stay accountable.  Otherwise I'd be watching The Office while trying to find the energy to get off my booter to go buy some Bosa donuts.

  • Days left:  0
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Have a fantastic week!

1 Day Left - Day #29

As I type this it is a lightning and thundering.  Oh yeah.

Another Monday has come and gone!  I took the day off (of work, not running) because it was Ben's back surgery!  All went well with it and they discharged him tonight.

I know he (and I, I won't lie) has been a little nervous about having his spine operated on so it was refreshing when all went "perfectly."  Hopefully he'll be able to ease back into running next month!  TBC...

B and I waited for the doctor to call.  I pretty much sat there and tried to not think about it.  #impossible

He keeps me entertained and my mind off things.

  • Today's mileage: 3.44
  • Total June mileage: 25.94 treadmill + 32.06 = 62  <---see what I did there
  • Hottest temp run in: 114
  • Days left: 1
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Sunday Runday (kind of not really) #day28

The later the month gets, the less I care about my pictures.  lol  Here is today.  Picture or it didn't happen!!

Just one Sunday mile today + 28 push ups + 50 air squats + a 2:50 plank!  We are almost there!

Cat has the right idea. ^^

I am in the middle of a lifelong running streak.  ;)

  • Today's mileage: 1
  • Total June mileage: 22.5 treadmill + 32.06 = 58.56
  • Hottest temp run in: 114
  • Days left: 2

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Keep Ben in your prayers.  We have to be at the hospital at 5:30am sharp for his back surgery and I know he's nervous.  I love you sweetheart!

Have a great week!

A Habooby Saturday #27

Hello!  I hope you have had a wonderful weekend thus far.

Today was Saturday which Saturday = the fastest day of the entire week.  I swear I was posting from Friday night like five minutes ago!

Today was a great day.  We had friends in town and all went shopping at an indoor mall to escape the heat.

On the basement level of the mall is a restaurant we love -- Yardhouse!  (Don't mind me, just look at the kid.)

To temporarily de-wiggle your infant, turn on Youtube videos.  B3's video of choice is still our family China race video.  He could watch it forever.

Haha a million pictures of him, but I like him.  He has just started gnawing on his hand again which usually means another tooth.  Please no, the poor kid needs a teething break for five minutes.

Today we had our first haboob hit the valley.  They usually hit prior to a storm and are essentially dust storms (a wall of dust).

My brother tried to beat it but got stuck right in the middle of it while moving.

Below is a picture I took of a haboob a couple of years ago as it was rolling in.

For the streaking I put in a quick mile on the treadmill.  I'm proud of myself but I'm also quite ready for July 1st to come along to allow myself a little break.  I plan to keep up on the challenges but take the weekends off.  I'll get going on marathon training here after the 4th of July 4-miler race too.

But I shall do nothing for three days.

  • Today's mileage: 1
  • Total June mileage: 22.5 treadmill + 32.06 = 57.56
  • Hottest temp run in: 114
  • Days left: 3
  • Other challenges:  50 stationary lunges @ 50#, 27 push-ups, 2:45 plank
Almost there.

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Have a wonderful Sabbath!

National Handstand Day - #26

Earlier this week was national pink day.  Earlier this month we had national running day and national donut day!  Today was apparently national handstand day! 

So many national days that I have never heard of until this year, but I'll take it.  I'm hoping for national shopping day, readathon day, swim day, and sleep days next month.

But happy Friday/weekend!

Today we hit up Fired Pie for lunch.  Fired Pie is the best pizza ever.  You get to customize your own personal pizza and it all costs the same no matter the toppings.  That never happens these days.

And today B3 was adorable as ever.  How does such a little guy create such a toy-bomb of a disaster?

In honor of national pink day this week, I wore pink shoes today, finally.

And to think I swore I wouldn't be caught back in this trend of shoes I used to wear in elementary school.  Well, here I am.  The perfect shoes to carry a 78234 pound carseat.

Oh yeah, the running streak!  lol  I was ready to sign off.  Today it was 50 pistols (1-legged squats), 26 pushups, a 2:40 plank and just one mile for the streak.

  • Today's mileage: 1
  • Total June mileage: 21.5 treadmill + 32.06 = 56.56
  • Hottest temp run in: 114
  • Days left: 4
  • Days left until Ben's back surgery:  only 3, praise the heavens!  poor guy

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Throwback Thursday - Day #25

Happy Thursday night!  

Since it's "throwback Thursday" and I have very little to report as far as today's amusements go, I wanted to dig out some never before posted pictures from my first marathon (I had hundreds from that day thanks to my family!).  

Well I dug out three separate external hard drives from our safe and my computer from that year isn't backed up on any of them, let alone all of them like I thought.  Ugh.  Time to investigate.

I did come across some Super Spartan race pictures from 2012.  Have you run a mud or obstacle race before?  They are a lot of fun but the pictures might be the best part.

For the streak, today I put in 3-miles followed by a lot of stretching and rolling.  Then we had all you can eat lobster for dinner, and man, I ate all I could eat.

  • Today's mileage: 3
  • Total June mileage: 20.5 treadmill + 32.06 = 55.56
  • Hottest temp run in: 114
  • Other challenges: 50 squats @ 30#, 25 push-ups, 2:35 plank
  • Days left: 5
  • Selfies taken before June:  like 5 -- I took plenty of shoefies though

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Have a fantastic Friday!

Just another day in June[athon]

Oh.  Hi there!  It's Wednesday, the day of hump.  It was a pretty good day here because last night B3 slept for 8 hours straight, in his portable crib.  Record!!

I woke up like 3-4 times to check on him though.  I missed him.  Ben woke up wondering where he was too.

I know it's humpday of week four, but I never posted week three's collage.  Week three took me through hottest June temperatures thus far, pool repeats, treadmill running and oversized shorts.

Today marks day 24.  I put in a treadmill mile and spent the rest of the evening with my family.

B3 likes to swing while I run on the treadmill.  He usually just watches me, but today he fell asleep holding his foot.  Awh.

I need to retire these Noosas but I just love them too much.  They glow in the dark.


Looks like some slow running this week.

  • Today's mileage: 1
  • Total June mileage: 17.5 treadmill + 32.06 = 52.56
  • Hottest temp run in: 114
  • Other challenges: 50 side lunges @ 30#, 24 push-ups, 2:30 plank
  • Days left:  6
  • Push-ups left:  too many
  • Creativity left for blogging:  0
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Have a wonderful night!

3-Miler Tuesday - Day #23

Happy Tuesday!  I hope it has been nice.  If you live locally then I know it was at least nice and warm.

We skipped track and Chipotle Tuesday, but to maintain the running streak I did get in a 3-miler after dinner.  It was one of the toughest runs I've had.  One day I will learn!

But dinner was delicious.

I like to double up on the fans.  I am a huge sweat-er.

Have you seen this fan from Costco?  It is amazing!  I want it for my long runs this summer!!!

  • Today's mileage: 3
  • Total June mileage: 16.5 treadmill + 32.06 = 51.56
  • Hottest temp run in: 114
  • Other challenges:  50 plie squats @ 25#, 23 push-ups (OMG), 2:25 plank
Run, Blog, Log Everyday in June

Have a wonderful night!

Nine Months!

B3 has turned 3/4 of a year old!  I have decided to continue these posts until he hits a year, and that's somehow so near.  Crazy.

This month he cut two more teeth totaling the top four front and the bottom two.  He is getting mobile but will still often sit for periods of playtime.  I sure hope that part lasts!  He has been swimming a lot and has really been loving the water.  He has the sweetest personality and we love love him!

At his doctor's appointment he weighed in at 17 pounds, 12 ounces (9%) and 28" tall (40%).  He is still pretty little but the doctor wasn't concerned so I'm trying not to be either, and we're feeding him as much as possible.  :] 

This past month B3 experienced his first time traveling via airplane.  He slept and did great (thank heavens!)!!

Done & done.

This morning I walked out to see a hot air balloon!  I didn't think they went up during the summer.  I think our nighttime lows are mid/upper 80s which means it's already in the 90s by this time I took this.

Well it was a busy day and I'm fresh out of time and ideas for tonight's post so I asked my husband for some of his creativity.

You could take a picture of a Porsche.

You could take a picture of your butt and say "this is why I run."   (Scar your eyes and mind.)

I decided on a picture of my sweet Iggy.

And a Porsche.  Fine.

I put in one easy treadmill mile today and called it good.  I'm trying to keep my weekly mileage LOW while maintaining a running streak.  But another day done and done!

  • Today's mileage: 1
  • Total June mileage: 16.5 treadmill + 32.06 = 48.56
  • Hottest temp run in: 114
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Have a wonderful evening!