1 Week Down


A couple weeks ago I was on Facebook and one of those random "sponsored" posts floated down my feed and I was like ah she looks familiar.  Then I realized that's because it was me.  

I took a screen shot and noticed the ad was for SLC's Froyo 5k which is funny because SLC is where I grew up.  

Last year a friend sent me this screen shot of the Las Vegas Rock 'N' Roll from 2013.  I was the picture on their site!  And this was a frame from the video so that must mean I'm famous.  :D

Today I did an easy, slow-as-possible-don't-want-to-sweat, Sunday mile.  Heaven knows I'm not going to shower again.

Those pistols yesterday made me sore so I ignored the weights today and just went for some air squats. A few years back I did a type of squat/lunge challenge (with weight) and I noticed a significant difference in my legs from before and after.  They really are some of the best movements you can do!  And they help strengthen your quads /stabilize your knees which helps prevent injury (like runner's knee). 

Today marks one week down with two+ to go in Juneathon.  

  • Today's mileage: 1 treadmill
  • Total June mileage: 2 treadmill + 15.06 = 17.06
  • Hottest temp run in: 102

23 days to go.

Have a wonderful Sunday night!


  1. I signed up for Janathon one year and lasted 3 days. Lol! Great job on the follow through!

  2. Fitness whole pizza in my mouth bahhahaha! And how cool, you can start a hall of fame of all your appearances!