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Happy Monday night!  I hope this post finds you after you've had a nice day back to the grind.  Mondays can be hard but they can also be a nice, fresh start on a new week.  I hope it has been the latter.

Four more days until the weekend!  Only four more days of eating healthy and then it's time for some weekend caloric fun in the form of another donut shop.

Today wasn't eventful and I have nothing informative or of excitement to report in my running/blogging/push-upping/squat-lunging/planking challenges post, except that the streakings are still going strong.

Baby boy DID sleep in (woot woot) and the weather was a cloudy and balmy 105.

I put in one mile to reserve my legs for tomorrow.  The planking is up to 1:10, the unbroken push-up challenge is up to 8 and today it was 50 stationary lunges @ 50#.  Then I took a picture of my delicious dinner [because I'm grasping at straws.  Blogging everyday is hard work!]

Made by my wonderful husband, mister Chef Boyarben.

This is cool.  Today I signed up for the 100 miles of summer challenge after seeing it on Jaime's blog.  You can read more about it here.  You need to log 33.33333 miles each month to complete it by the end of August, so it should be fairly simple, but a good motivator when it's 110 degrees.  And you can walk it if you'd like.

  • Today's mileage:
  • Total June mileage: 2 treadmill + 16.06 = 18.06
  • Hottest temp run in: 105

Have a fantastic Tuesday!

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  1. Ha! I haven't even signed up for the 100 miles of summer, yet! Lol! I'm still naming on it. I guess I can walk if it bothers my back to run.