#13 - National Donut Day (Observed...again)

Happy Saturday night!  A quick post again.

Today we ventured back out to find the best donut shop in Phoenix.  We went to Fractured Prune last weekend and the donuts were pretty good, but a little too cakey and pricey.  This time around we hit up Bosa Donuts.  WINNER.  They were so good!  Kind of like the Tasty's donuts that I grew up with and less than 1/2 the price of Fractured Prune!

We were going to make it a weekend thing to hit up donut shops, but Ben brought up a good point that eating a dozen donuts (between 3 of us) each weekend is probably a bad idea...

For now Bosa Donuts wins.  We'll resume the rest of our donut shopping at a later time.  haha  I'm trying to get fitter, not fatter.


Today I had originally planned on a legit run, but it turned into one measly donut coma mile.  I have to throw out there that I napped this morning until almost 10 thanks to BEN, which was just a glorious start to the day.

It was 104 out today.

  • Today's mileage: 1
  • Total June mileage: 3 treadmill + 26.06 = 29.06
  • Hottest temp run in: 105

Have a fantastic Sabbath!