19/30 = 63%

^^Friday's rock

This morning baby boy was playing by my desk and a minute later I turned around to find he had put the bowl on his head.  :D

Hi mom.

We have gotten a lot of use out of that white bowl...

Friday lunch date we all went to Raising Canes, one of our favorite places since the Vegas days.  It is the absolute best ever!!!  Just take my word.

Tonight I didn't feel like doing anything fitnessy at ALL.  I couldn't bring myself to ruin the streak and jumped on the treadmill for one.

I forgot to mention that I failed on my push ups for the first time yesterday.  :(  I made it to 15, my arms caved and I face planted.  They were feeling pretty fatigued at the start so I knew I was hosed.

Adventurous day for the little guy.

  • Today's mileage: 1
  • Total June mileage: 8.5 treadmill + 32.06 = 40.56
  • Hottest temp run in: 114
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Have a nice Saturday!

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  1. He is just sooo freaking cute!!! Oh and btw, can you tell I'm catching up ob blog reading LOL