3-Miler Tuesday - Day #23

Happy Tuesday!  I hope it has been nice.  If you live locally then I know it was at least nice and warm.

We skipped track and Chipotle Tuesday, but to maintain the running streak I did get in a 3-miler after dinner.  It was one of the toughest runs I've had.  One day I will learn!

But dinner was delicious.

I like to double up on the fans.  I am a huge sweat-er.

Have you seen this fan from Costco?  It is amazing!  I want it for my long runs this summer!!!

  • Today's mileage: 3
  • Total June mileage: 16.5 treadmill + 32.06 = 51.56
  • Hottest temp run in: 114
  • Other challenges:  50 plie squats @ 25#, 23 push-ups (OMG), 2:25 plank
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Have a wonderful night!

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