Another Marathon & Juneathon Day #11

I pulled the trigger and finally signed up for another full marathon.  It looks like a spectacular race and I have been eyeballing it for quite some time.  

It's the Revel Canyon City Marathon and it looks like an amazing race from everything I've read and seen about it.  (I tend to obsessively research races before signing up.)  I picked this race for numerous reasons:

  • The weather is pretty stable in CA
  • The elevation in CA is ideal
  • The course is fast
  • My sister lives nearby
  • It's on a Saturday
  • We can drive to it
  • You receive free pictures/video and sweet medals
  • We can take B3 to Disneyland for his first time
  • It's near the area my mom grew up in and she's always down for a fun trip to Cali with her kids

Three of the guys in my family may go for their first full marathon on this day too.  Wouldn't that be sweet??  Except they'll all beat me.  Rude.

We're five months out so we'll start to get serious in July.  Nothing like some Arizona summer training.  I've done it before, but only for a half.  Bring it on!


Today was day 11 of the streak so I did a 5 miler.  My legs were still pretty heavy from Tuesday's hill repeats so I'm really focusing on recovery.  The weather has been nice but we're starting to get into what June usually feels like, sunny and hot!

I wonder if we'll get a triple double temperature.  Last year there was no 110+ in June.  TBC...

Planking is tougher when you give your phone to the husband for a picture instead of play around on it to distract yourself.  We're up to 1:25 in the plank department.

  • Today's mileage: 5
  • Total June mileage: 2 treadmill + 25.06 = 27.06
  • Hottest temp run in: 105

Have a wonderful night.  Tomorrow is Friday!  Yessssss.


  1. The full marathon. Boom. You are a bada$$. What an inspiration you are. Guess I'd better get with the program and sign up my lazy butt just so I can watch yours!

  2. Nice! I haven't read too much about that marathon, so it will be fun to follow along. Jennifer @ Run Jenny Run

  3. I hope to see you there so I can meet you! Keep at those planks!

    1. Thanks Sandy! We will definitely have to meet up.

  4. Woohooo!! Awesome for signing up for a marathon, you go girl!! I don't know how you handle the heat, we have 90s and we are melting!!