Comparing Marathons - JD12

In light of signing up for the Revel Canyon City Marathon, I have since thought of not much more. Like what is going to be a good half marathon race?  Is it still going to be 100 degrees during peak week?  Will I be running a new distance PR on the treadmill?  (Anything over 13.1 miles.)  Am I going to be able to avoid injury?  

In 2012 I ran my first full marathon.  It was such a huge learning experience and even more so, an experience full of so much blunder.  lol  I've come a long way since then and that day helped me understand that the marathon is a whole other ball game that you just have to experience for yourself (really, you should!!).

What I wish I would have done differently the first time around:
  • Pick an appropriate race location - I chose my race based on it being in the city I grew up in.  That was a pretty fun part of the experience, definitely.  However, the elevation there?  Over 4000 feet HIGHER than where I trained.  I counted on the cooler weather on race day to help with the elevation difference since I had trained in warmer temperatures.

  • Pick a race with reliable weather - I chose SLC.  Again, their weather is about as reliable as satellite tv in a tornado.  Never did I think the temperature would be record setting on the warm side of things.  So much for my trade off.  lol

  • Add another pair of shoes to the mix - I ran the heck out of my GT 2170s and by race day they had a nice 300+ miles on them.  Race day ready!

  • Cross train less - I overdid it when I signed on to teach too many classes at the town's local club.  My poor legs.  Plus I had to do Zumba because Zumba is so fun!  All the running + jumping = posterior tibial tendinitis (that I couldn't get rid of for a year). 

  • Run less - K, I know what you're thinking.  More mileage = more prep!  Only if you're not injured.  I had never run so many double digit runs since this was my first full, so running 5x a week consistently was probably the reason I was feeling so run down by taper.  I think I rarely ran at all during taper because of my shin.

  • Experiment with fueling!! - This one was/is HUGE.  EMPHASIS!  I am an evening runner so most of my long runs were afternoon to dusk.  I would take the long run slow and nibble on Shot Bloks and figured all was good with my belly.  Come race day with the morning time, faster pace + hotter temps, I was considerably under fueled and face planted into the wall early.  Hitting the wall is no joke and you know when it happens.  It's not one of those "I think" feelings, it's a KNOW.  And it was no fun.

What I will do again the second time around:
  • Get fitted for shoes - I've heard your gait can change as you become a stronger runner.  I think perhaps mine has since coming back from pregnancy.

  • Take unexpected rest days as needed - They make a big difference and being slightly under trained is better than injured.

  • Cross train - I think it has helped my knee niggled.  I'm a believer!

  • Ice baths - I like to keep my clothes/socks on, put on a hoodie and drink a hot chocolate.

  • Document my training and journey -  I would recommend a form of this to everyone.  How would I remember that Ben and I would go run together on a Friday night through (and across, around again, criss crossing) our small town of Thatcher, Arizona??  :)

New things I will also be adding to the mix:
  • Train under a coach - I have it narrowed down to a couple who also happen to be physical therapists.  Huge win if it works out.

  • Treadmill running - I think 4 miles of my first time around were on the treadmill.  As a new mom and in the AZ summer, I'll be planning on some treadmill fun this time.

  • Track practice - I'm excited to incorporate this into full marathon training.  Running with a track club is so fun.

  • Keep an open mind - The first time I had an open mind, but only to minor disappointments.  This time I'll be open to the idea that things could but hopefully won't go south, but the journey is going to be worth it either way.

Things I will probably omit:
  • Racing with my camera - So glad I did for the first one, but this time I mean a little more business.

  • Racing with my hydration belt - My training will be with it, but I don't want to worry about it considering my bottles were empty for a majority of my first race.  I am in habit of drinking at every aid station anyways.

For me training for a marathon is a part time job.  I'm pretty excited to give it my all but my #1 goal is to do it all without neglecting my sweet family.


As far as Juneathon challenges go, today was just a mile on the treadmill.  I did it at 3% decline just because I was curious about running downhill on a treadmill.  :P

Fridays are always some of the best days!  B3, Dallin and I go to lunch with Ben and the day is usually laid back.  When I used to work in the office we would close down at noon, so I rarely get calls on Fridays, thus inconvenience you please understanding...  JK , thus the days are chill.

We've had a cool spring thus far so the pool is just barely getting warm enough to be in when it's shaded.  That's fun because we can spend a lot of time with the munchkin in it.

Such a handsome little guy.

The push ups challenge is up to 12 unbroken and they are getting tough already.  I'm hosed.  The planking is up to 1:30 and going well and the squats challenge is also.  Today I did 50 lunges @50#.  I definitely bit off more than I can chew with Juneathon this year, but I'm too stubborn to ease up on any of the challenges.  :P  Only 18 days to go!!

  • Today's mileage: 1
  • Total June mileage: 3 treadmill + 25.06 = 28.06
  • Hottest temp run in: 105

Have a fantastic late night out partying!  It's bedtime 'round these old fogies place.


  1. Great advice! What a very well thought out list of dos and donts. I'm excited to see how training goes this time around and even more so for the race! You are such an inspiration! Go get em!

  2. Great read! Thanks for the info - very helpful. Still debating on the full...

  3. I am going to be making some big changes for my next marathon as well. I definitely need to show up at the track weekly and to add some strength training! Good luck with your training!

  4. What really helped me where monthly or bi-weekly sport massages during marathon training. So excited for you! Just imagine crossing the finish line and seeing your boys! Already gives me goose bumps!