Day #2 - The Wet Test

Have you ever taken the wet test??  It's a test to help you better understand your foot type which can contribute to finding the right shoe and/or support!  Just dip your feet into water and step on a flat surface.  Walah.

Normal to high?

"...the two abnormal foot types are probably associated with a higher risk of injury and more discomfort when running.  Thus, some sort of intervention will be more likely to ensure that runners with either of these foot types are better able to run with less discomfort and a lower risk of injury."
-Lore of Running, Tim Noakes

Today was Tuesday track & Chipotle day!  We did things a little differently at the track and worked on mobility (stretches), strength/stability (squats/lunges/etc.) and ran for 15 minutes or so.  It was 102 degrees which holds the running heat record for me this year, but it didn't feel terribly hot.  102 is for the birds!! 

Then it was Chipotle and home to finish off the challenges with my mom and Ben.  Two days down, plenty more to go.

  • Today's mileage:  W/U + 1.86
  • Total June mileage:  1 treadmill + 1.86 = 2.86
  • Hottest temp run in:  102

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