JD4 - Running in the Heat

Happy TGIaF!  Thursday nights are always the best because Fridays rock.

One of the reasons I like to join in the Juneathon running streak every year is because June is the hardest month to run in and the easiest month to justify staying home, popping a [delicious] Monster, and watching The Office instead.

The record temperatures are set in June (122 degrees!!), the monsoons have yet to roll in which means direct sunshine-y heat!  Every summer I post about summer running because it's important and helps me remember that I'm not just slower than molasses for no reason.  :P

According to Jeff Galloway, for an 8 minute mile runner, this is what it becomes with heat increase:

55-60 degrees - 8:05 
60-65 degrees - 8:15 
65-70 degrees - 8:25 
70-75 degrees - 8:35 
75-80 degrees - 8:58 
80-85 degrees - 9:35 
Above 85 degrees - Forget it... run for fun..

Tips for running in the heat:
  • Hydrate all day long
  • Carry water no matter the distance
  • Run in the shade if possible
  • Keep the run short
  • Run when the sun is low in the sky
  • Wear a heart rate monitor
  • Take walk breaks when needed (now is not the time to push yourself)
  • Skip the hat and opt for a visor
  • Plant frozen water bottles along your planned course
  • Avoid additional clothing (compression socks, layers, hat, sleeves, etc.)
  • Don't forget the sunscreen!

And most importantly, don't put too much pressure on your pace and listen to your body!  Stop if you need to!  Heat stroke is real and it can get you into serious trouble if you aren't cautious.


Today the weather was cloudy and I don't think we went above 90!  I had to take advantage and take the lil one out!!  My legs are a little sore and heavy so I kept it to one mile today.

Oh my goodness he makes my heart happy.  Did I mention he popped out two more teeth?  0 to 6 in one month, poor fella.

run, blog, log everyday

  • Today's mileage: 1 with the munchkin
  • Total June mileage: 1 treadmill + 7.86 = 8.86
  • Hottest temp run in: 102 (not very June impressive, come on weather gods)