Juneathon 2015 = Complete

^^Randomly I ran 63 miles in April too!

Well I have completed my 4th year doing the Juneathon challenge!  Most of the time I was running or doing challenges way into the evening/night and racing to get to bed at the same time as Ben!

Juneathon was great motivation during the hottest month of the year, to keep me working on getting my fitness levels back to where they used to be prior to pregnancy.  There were many times (FRIDAYS) where I didn't want to do a thing but knew I would anyways.

I ran in 114 degrees, I ran barefoot, I ran in a wig, I jumped in the pool between hot miles, I ran on a 150% full stomach, I ran while eating fruit snacks, I ran through a thunderstorm and pouring rain, I ran in street clothes, I ran hills, treadmill and track miles, and I loved [almost] every mile!!

My goal for now is to rest a couple of days from running, keep up on the challenges as much as possible, and head into July ready to get serious with my training and base building.

If you stuck around all month long through my millions of posts, thanks!!  This little blog is a great hobby and it really does help me stay accountable.  Otherwise I'd be watching The Office while trying to find the energy to get off my booter to go buy some Bosa donuts.

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Have a fantastic week!