Juneathon: 30 Day Challenge + Running Streak

It's June, which means it's time to fill up your feed with my running/blogging streak, Juneathon.  Woot woot.  

This year will be tough considering I am a new mom with less spare time and energy (!), but I can't ruin it four years in (plus I now own a treadmill so running out of daylight is no longer an obstacle), so I'll try my best.

Run, blog, log everyday.

On top of a running streak I have decided to add in a couple of 30 day challenges:  squats/lunges, planks, and push-ups, all at the same freaking time.  They are challenging but not enough to cause any mental/physical burnout I hope, so the goal is they should all work together.

You can do these with or without weight.  I will probably do most at 50# while breaking them into 5 sets of 10 if needed.

Descriptions of the less familiar movements:
Plié squats - Stand with your feet more than shoulder width apart, toes pointed out, slowly bend your knees to parallel while keeping your knees over your toes.

1-legged squat - Keep your weight on your heel as you bend the knee, pushing your hips backwards as if you're going to sit.

Curtsy lunge - Take a large step backwards and diagonally as if you're bending into a curtsy while keeping your shoulders and hips squared/aligned and pushing down through your heel.

My mom is in town so today I didn't feel like doing anything more fitness related than walking around the mall.

My mom joined Dallin, Ben and I in the challenges above, and I started out the running streak with a one miler on the treadmill [in my clothes (and a wig from my mother-in-law)].  I was too lazy to change my clothes which is kind of ironic.  I would explain the wig but I'm tired.

  • Total June mileage:  1 treadmill

Happy June!  Goodnight.


  1. I want to hear the wig explanation!

  2. Good luck with the challenges! Love the night pic of the palms. Jennifer @ Run Jenny Run