Nine Months!

B3 has turned 3/4 of a year old!  I have decided to continue these posts until he hits a year, and that's somehow so near.  Crazy.

This month he cut two more teeth totaling the top four front and the bottom two.  He is getting mobile but will still often sit for periods of playtime.  I sure hope that part lasts!  He has been swimming a lot and has really been loving the water.  He has the sweetest personality and we love love him!

At his doctor's appointment he weighed in at 17 pounds, 12 ounces (9%) and 28" tall (40%).  He is still pretty little but the doctor wasn't concerned so I'm trying not to be either, and we're feeding him as much as possible.  :] 

This past month B3 experienced his first time traveling via airplane.  He slept and did great (thank heavens!)!!

#selfie  ^^
He rode on his wooden horsey for the first time. 

He does lots of tongue-ing during these days of teething.

He got to hang out with grandma a few times in Logan and back in AZ when she came to visit!

He looked very dapper in cute clothes that grams brought for him.  She always finds the cutest hats!

He was and is stinking cute.

He has loved to bang the pots and pans.  Who needs toys?

He wears cute Dino pjs.  :D

He was sleeping pretty well and then more teething happened.  He's back in our bed a majority of the time so we can all get some actual rest.  We're slowing moving him back out a few hours at a time, but hey, I LOVE IT.

He loves to watch our China race video so I put it on whenever he's overly wiggly and he zones right in.

I am hoping the walking doesn't come for a long time, but he's getting around quite a bit more.

He is so cute and continues to steal our hearts everyday.

95% of the time he's still taking three naps a day!  I expect after this round of teething he'll go back to sleeping a little better and drop one nap now that he's getting a little bit older, but we'll see.

When he naps I go into super work madness mode and knock out as much of it as I can.  It is hard working and being a mother literally at the same time, but man do I love it all and the days feel complete.  Life is pretty good with our lil B3, we are so grateful he's ours and cannot believe he's 9 months old!


  1. He's so cute and very well dressed!

  2. So cute! Love the tongue-ing! My guy is 7 months and still has no teeth.