Streaking on a Sunday

Sunday.  The day of rest.  In other words, the day I don't even bother changing my clothes to continue the streaking.  Part of that is possibly due to the Sunday night laze that hits our home hardcore.

Today we hit 107!  To continue with my running streak I did one mile, but it was on the treadmill.  I also made it through 14 push-ups (barely).  I don't think I'll make it to 30 unbroken, but hopefully I can power through a little bit longer since we're just about half way.

Rarely is the weather accurate this far out it seems, but check out that 114.  Then clouds which might be our monsoons a'rollin' in.

Today was an optional rest day for the squat/lunge challenge, so I did 50 air squats with a variation.  :D  (That variation loved it.)

Since I have turned into somewhat of a GIF queen, here is how taking a picture goes with an infant.

We spent the rest of the evening watching documentaries on the buildings in Dubai because my mom and her husband just got back from a trip there and it sounded awesome!  I would love to go.  I can't wait to see her pictures.

Anyways, time for bed.  Have a fantastic Monday.  G'night!

  • Today's mileage: 1
  • Total June mileage: 4 treadmill + 26.06 = 30.06
  • Hottest temp run in: 105


  1. Hahaha the gifs! Ummm yea, Dubai sounds pretty awesome to me too! Have a good week!

  2. Haha oh my gosh, the squat gif is hilarious! Jennifer @ Run Jenny Run