Some Friday Favorites

Zulily jacked up some of my orders (grr) which meant full refunds including my shipping! + extra store credit (YAY) and I got to keep the wrong stuff anyways.

I ordered the silver and received mister flowers.  Not as cute, but definitely wearable.

B3's new play station by my desk.  He loves playing by me.  I love that he... stays by me.  lol

My cousin moved here last month.  His brother came down to visit and we all got together for a swimming, BBQ party during the unexpected yet plentiful sunshine of hurricane Dolores.  (Where are our monsoons??  I'm so disappointed in them so far.)

Ben is incline walking and can start running in the next week or two.  His surgery was successful, thank goodness!

B3 has teeth now.

I've been on another shoe kick lately (to very little surprise).  The bottom two were a good chunk courtesy of Zulily jacking up other orders.

Thinking B3 is asleep only to look up to see he was very much not.

Story of my life:

The CrossFit Games are this week!  I am obsessed with watching the Olympics so I love to watch the games each July.

I'm only three weeks into official training, but it's been going really well and I have been looking forward to each workout!!  Nine weeks until I get to race my next race, a 1/2!

Fridays are definitely some of the very best.  Throw summer in there and they're even better.  

Happy Friday!!

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