Summer Palace, Olympic Park = CHINA!

I was hoping that posting everyday in June would jump start my creativity and get me blogging more in general.  aaahahaha 

I shall do what I can.

So back to our China experience which was just fantastic!  The last full day we were there we visited the Summer Palace, walked around and took a ferry over to the bridge which is in the background.  This was the day after the Great Wall Marathon so we were all walking on fatigued legs!  Some people in our group were hilarious to watch getting on and off the bus (stairs).

Water graffiti:

I was really excited to visit the Beijing Olympic Park!!  I am a huge Olympic junky so I soaked it all up.  Did you know there is only ONE more year until the next summer Olympics!?!?  They will be held in Rio!

Below is a 7 star hotel built for the Olympics.  If you look at it through creative eyes, you'll see it looks like a dragon!

The sky wasn't entirely pollution, it was dreary and we had some drizzles too.  It was great weather for touring around.

Have you ever seen a Panda Bear in real life?  We stopped by the Panda Zoo to see them in their cuteness.

The entire Great Wall Marathon gathered for a Gala the night before we were set to head home.  The race organization held it in a massive ballroom and we were all able to enjoy a tasty buffet.  

A slide show of pictures from the race along with the official race day video were shown.  My sister had a giant close up image and I had a neat one in a shadow but I cannot seem to locate it ANYWHERE.  The event photographers were separate from the race photographers so I wasn't able to buy that picture.  I'm sure you'll see it if I ever track it down.

Touring China with a fellow group of runners was the best experience ever.  On day one we all came together as complete strangers from around the world but already relating in so many crazy runner ways.

I want to say that 500ish of the 2500 runners were from the United States.  I think our group was about 1/2 American.  I like learning about others' homelands and I loved some of the accents.  The fun thing is we have been able to connect on Facebook.

Our group had the 3rd place overall woman finisher, and Karen, the runner next to my sister, runs a 3:10 (my sister is in yellow)!!  I wish she lived closer so she could coach my slowness.

Back at the hotel we bid our farewells with our group of 30 since some were leaving as early as 3am to head home.  (Luckily not us.)  What an awesome experience in so many ways!  

I'm not sure we'll ever make it back due to the expensive nature plus complication of growing our family and traveling, but if we ever win the lottery then YES.  We'd go back!  And we'd run it again.  China rocks!  (And we'd stay in that 7 star hotel [if they'd accept foreigners].  After all, we'd have won the lottery.)

^^That's Shorty!
This is the official video from this year. We make a tiny, itsy bitsy cameo that you probably will never find. haha!

And if you missed it, our family's race video from the race.  It is B3's favorite video ever.:


  1. Seriously cool experience! I love your pink shoes (Toms?) and your family video. Something you guys will always be able to look back on and cherish! Here's to winning the lottery, traveling everywhere, and staying in 7-star hotels!